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A Plumber Tried To Scam This Elderly Lady. Then She Took Off Her Wig

Scammers are cowards who like to target trusting and vulnerable people. That’s why they often go for the elderly because they may not be in a place to defend themselves. However, in Johnson City, Tennessee, there was one repairman who performed terrible work and scammed elderly residents out of $100,000. That’s why one reporter went undercover to sniff the rat out and catch him on camera trying to steal from an “old woman.”

Carol had an issue in her bathroom. She called this plumber, and he ended up performing a number of repairs that she never needed. The bills kept coming in, and she didn’t know what to do about them. Not only did the plumber charge such high fees, he demanded payment in cash, and he demanded a lot of money. Carol took out a home equity loan worth $50,000 and $7,000 cash advance on her high-interest credit card. Only then was the repairman satisfied.

Shortly after the incident, Carol suffered a stroke and passed away. This was good news for the scam artist because he didn’t have to face the reality of what he did. However, her son believes that the high repair bills might have contributed to her death.

“I believe the stroke was caused by stress,” her son said. “And the only stress she had in her life at the time was Glenn Harris.”

Glenn Harris was the scammer who stole tens of thousands of dollars from Carol and drove her into the ground. His tactics ended up killing her because they caused so much stress for the old woman.

Since the stories about Glenn Harris continued to pile up, Inside Edition decided to do something unique. They set up a house with hidden cameras and then called Harris up to get him to fix a leaky water heater. The plumber promised to be there the following day.

Inside Edition gathered up a bunch of victims and stashed them in a van so they could be there when Harris got his comeuppance. He did not show up until three days later.

But when Harris did show up, reporter Lisa Guerrero was there waiting for him. However, Harris would not have a prayer of recognizing the young reporter because she was decked out in full disguise. She had a wig, makeup, and even a walker to make it look like she was much older than she really was. This was exactly how Harris liked his victims – old, alone, and vulnerable.

When Inside Edition got their cameras ready, they waited for Lisa to expose Harris for what he was, a crook, a fraud, and someone who abuses the trust of the elderly. And that’s exactly what happened.

You’ll enjoy watching this scam artist get exposed for his tactics. It’s something that he had come to him and that he deserved. It’s unfortunate that so many people target older citizens and try to steal money from them as a way to make a living.

What do you think should happen to scammers like Tennessee’s Glenn Harris?

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