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A Puzzle With An Obvious Answer Is Sending People Into Utter Frustration

There is a new puzzle that is stumping internet users and for good reason. The puzzle shows the numbers 1 through 15 written out in a horizontal line, and it asks you to find the mistake. When most people try to solve the puzzle they focus on the numbers, re-reading the line until their eyes hurt. As we assume that the mistake must be somewhere in the numbers, since it’s a puzzle after all, and most puzzles involve solving numerical equations or picking apart how certain numbers are written out, since it’s easy to pass over an incorrect numeral.

Believe it or not, even the most intelligent people are finding this particular puzzle to be quite the challenge and they are getting very stumped.

If after you’ve looked at the photo and tried to find the mistake to no avail, here is a hint…focus on the words instead of the numbers.

Did you find the mistake?

Commenters had a lot to say about this particular puzzle.

One of the main problems with sharing these types of puzzles on social media is that people have a tendency to think fast and post their answer in the comments. And who wants to see the answer when they are in the midst of having fun with a puzzle challenge? It rightfully upsets some…

“To all the people that posted the answer: Let me know the next time you’re going to a movie or reading a book so I can tell you the way it ends I’ll save you the trouble of not knowing beforehand!”

Others took it a step further and did some unnecessary math while they were trying to solve the puzzle. Evidently, they didn’t see the misspelled word until after they did a few calculations of their own. For this reason, it is always best to start out by looking at the big picture first…

“The mistake is spelled wrong, every other 2 digits are divisible by 3. Example: 1+2=3; 3 is divisible by 3, 4+5=9 divisible by 3; 6 divisible by 3 on and one. Get the pattern now?”

And like we expected, people were naturally so concerned with the numbers that they missed the glaringly obvious misspelled word…

“I was obsessing over the numbers so much it took me forever to reread the instructions. Yep did nor take in the whole picture. UGH.”

One commenter still couldn’t find the correct answer and thought that the numbers 5 and 6 were in a larger font than the others. This person must’ve made their eyes cross from staring at the individual numbers for so long while comparing them to the others.

And others felt they could’ve used more of a challenge…

“Not a real challenge. All you have to do is read it.”

In life, we are often categorized as either a numbers person or a word person. For those who excel in solving math problems and equations, it was probably more frustrating to solve this puzzle since they may have assumed that the answer would be found in the line of numbers. And for those who are more enthralled by words, there is a good chance that this puzzle came easier to them.