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A Strange Dog Wouldn’t Leave Them Alone On Their Hike. Then They Noticed The Note On His Collar

A dog can become your friend in moments. Even if you don’t know them very well, if a canine feels that he or she can trust you, then they will eagerly join you and give you all the affection they can muster. In other words, dogs are a source of unmatched company. In America, it is seldom that a person will come into contact with a dog without their owner present. Perhaps a friend brings their dog over to your apartment, or you see a dog while walking through the park.

So when one couple decided to go for a hike, the last animal they expected to see was a domesticated dog. But that’s what happened. And the dog joined the couple when they met up on the hike.

Scott Brown convinced his wife to join him on a wintry hike. With snow fluttering down, they decided to go for a popular waterfall hike in Washington state. They were on their way to Teneriffe Falls when an animal suddenly appeared on the trail.

Brown told The Dodo about the incident:

“I made a joke to my wife that it was a bear,” he said. Thankfully, a bear was not waiting for them on the snowy trail. Otherwise, we might not have had Brown around to tell us this amazing story.

The creature turned out to be a black dog and wanted to join the Browns on their hike. Because it refused to leave their side, Brown admitted:

“Well, I guess he’s coming with us.”

For the seven-mile hike, the dog did not falter. And it even helped lead the Browns through the snowy trail that wound up the hills and mountains.

It turned out that the random dog was a much better hiker than the Browns.

“He took the lead anywhere from a couple of feet to way out in front, out of sight.”

Because the dog led them, it refused to leave the slowpokes behind.

“He would sit and wait for us as we took photos and then continued on when we did.”

When the couple made it to the falls, they took photos with their guide and new best friend. That’s when Brown finally did the right thing and checked the dog’s collar. The dog tags had a startling message.

“Hi, I’m Smokey. I live nearby so don’t take me. I like to follow hikers sometimes.”

After reading the message, the pieces of the puzzle started to click into place for Brown. The bag of the dog tag had the following message that put Brown’s worries to rest.

“Don’t worry. I’ll go home when I get tired. My people love me a lot. Thanks for being nice!”

The family found the dog’s presence fun at first. But now that they knew he had a family waiting for him, they loved him even more. They were lucky to have the protective dog along for the hike.

After leaving the falls, Smokey escorted the Browns all the way back to their car. Then he left their lives forever. And he made sure they made it back to their car.

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