A Stranger Dumped This Giant Wolfdog At The Kill Shelter. Now Rescuers Are Scrambling To Save Him : AWM

A Stranger Dumped This Giant Wolfdog At The Kill Shelter. Now Rescuers Are Scrambling To Save Him

A feel-good story has come out of Naples, Florida that is sure to melt your heart. After a massive wolfdog named Yuki was abandoned at a kill shelter, it was up to an animal rescue group to protect the animal from euthanization. Unless something was done, the animal would die. That’s why Shy Wolf Sanctuary took action once they got a call about the 8-month-old dog that had gotten “much larger than (the owner) had anticipated it growing, and that he couldn’t handle the dog” anymore.

Thankfully, the sanctuary rushed to the dog’s rescue. However, they didn’t have much time. Just a day after they were notified about the massive dog, Yuki was at a kill shelter, which was going to euthanize the animal, unless some unlikely heroes intervened.

The kill shelter didn’t want a beautiful dog like Yuki to die by lethal injection. So they, in turn, reached out to Shy Wolf Sanctuary, which meant that the group of animal loves knew the situation was dire – and they had to save Yuki before it was too late.

“We stepped in and provided a home for him, and he has been with us ever since,” Shy Wolf Sanctuary volunteer Brittany Allen told Bored Panda.

Because Yuki was huge and very beautiful, the staff decided to have his DNA tested to see if his ancestry could be discovered. They were not entirely surprised to learn that Yuki was mostly wolf after all.

“His DNA testing came back as 87.5 percent gray wolf, 8.6 percent Siberian Husky, and 3.9 percent German Shepherd.”

Although Yuki was rescued from the kill shelter more than a decade ago back in 2008, a photo of him went viral again last month because he is just so big. The image was shared on Reddit, where people quickly started commenting and sharing their reactions to the beautiful wolfdog.

Although Allen was standing next to Yuki, and she is five-feet and four-inches tall, Yuki still poses a very threatening presence as depicted in the image. He is not quite as tall as Allen, but he sure comes close. He also weighs 120 pounds.

Although the image makes Yuki look absolutely massive, Allen just suggests that it is his “fat angle” saying in the caption of another image:

“The face we make when people say Yuki’s picture is Photoshopped… It’s just his fat angle guys. We all have one.”

On the Shy Wolf Sanctuary website, they write at length about Yuki and his personality

“Yuki is very much a ‘ham’ and loves to be the center of attention. He has shown us that he doesn’t like to hear, ‘NO,’ doesn’t like to be restrained or controlled in any way and does have a number of triggers. Volunteers need to be able to read his body language and react quickly as he doesn’t always give a warning when ‘Mr. Hyde’ is going to appear.”

Despite the fact that he is mostly wolf, Yuki has still made quite an impression on the people at Shy Wolf Sanctuary, and they love him.

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