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A Stranger Heard Something Crying From Under This Park Bench. Was Shocked When She Got Closer

Sometimes, things just happen. You’re completing your normal routine, and all of a sudden, your day, week, year, or even life changes before your eyes. From witnessing a traumatic event to being at the right place at the right time, you never quite know when fate is going to take over. After finding something mysterious under an east London park bench, Rima Zvaliauskiene can attest to all of that.

Around 10:15 PM on a freezing Thursday night, Rima was out taking her dog for a walk. She turned into a nearby park and found that fate had something in store for her. She shivered her way onto the walkway and shortly thereafter, heard something crying in a grocery bag beneath a bench.

She was too scared to approach it. According to Daily Mail, she thought it might be some kind of animal. But despite her fears, she knew she couldn’t ignore it. She called her son Ovidijus (27) to come and help.

But it wasn’t an animal. Just a few minutes later, the mother and son duo found something far more traumatizing. A newborn baby lay wrapped in a white towel, screaming and crying for her life, inside of the grocery bag, the umbilical cord still attached.

As a former midwife, Rima could recognize that the baby couldn’t be more than an hour old. The baby had frost on her forehead from the freezing cold, making both of them shocked and stressed about saving the poor child’s life. Ovidijus called the police, and they waited anxiously for an ambulance to arrive.

Detectives on the scene grew “increasingly concerned” about the mother’s safety (DailyMail), wondering what might have happened to result in this. Could she have dropped the baby off, hoping someone better off would take care of her? Or did something preclude this event, something equally horrific?

Police knocked on the doors of neighboring houses, informing the residents of what happened and asking if they knew anything about the event. They released search dogs to find blood trails to identify the mother better, but nothing conclusive could be found.

However, the baby did end up saving herself. Because of her shrieking cries, she was easily found by Rima and transferred to the hospital soon enough where she would warm up, get treatment, and reach a stable condition. Outside of the hospital windows, heavy snowfall hit east London, making this writer wonder what might have happened if Rima and her son hadn’t come along an hour later if there would have been more than frost on the poor child’s forehead.

Because the park was just off of Roman Road in east London, this strong and brave little girl was soon called “Roman.” People are applauding her for her strength all over the world, but no one is forgetting about the heroes either, Ovidijus and Rima, who reacted in just the way that they had to in order to save this helpless newborn’s life.

So next time you hear a cry for help, what are you going to do?

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