A Stranger Ran Up To The Door, Screaming. Teen Boy Who Is Home Without Parents Follows His Instincts : AWM

A Stranger Ran Up To The Door, Screaming. Teen Boy Who Is Home Without Parents Follows His Instincts

You never know who is going to be a hero when the moment strikes. Our ability to be heroic usually stems from our choices during an intense time. If we act bravely and with courage during a fire, for example, or when the ground is shaking during a magnificent earthquake, and do something selfless, we are lifted to hero status by those around us.

While some people get the change to be heroes every day – like fathers, mothers, firefighters, police officers, and military personnel – average people need to seize the moment when it happens and do the right thing. That’s what one fourteen-year-old boy did when a victim of sexual assault came knocking at his door.

It was a cold night in winter, and James Persyln III was babysitting his two younger siblings when a bang, bang, bang sounded at his home’s door. He knew his dad would not want him to answer it for a stranger. But the banging was fearsome and desperate. Plus, his dad had left James in charge while he went to pick his fiancé up at work.

James opened the door. And he saw a terrified college student. She ran into the kitchen. And she told James a horrifying story through staggered words. An armed man had kidnapped her. He wanted to rape her and kill her. And she needed James to help her hide.

At that moment, James had a choice. He could cower in terror. And armed criminal was coming. Or he could man up and do the heroic thing. He chose the latter.

James led the college girl and his siblings into the bathroom. While he was afraid, he did not let his fear rule the day. He took charge and told his siblings and the horrified victim to crawl into the bathtub. And he promised to protect them all.

While James went to his room to get his hunting knife, he asked his sister to call 911. But the knife was not where he left it. He tore apart his room in the frantic search for the long blade. He called his dad at this time.

Suddenly, more banging came from the front door. And at that moment, James found his knife. It was the woman’s armed attacker. He was ready to find her. He was ready to kill anyone in his path.

“I heard banging,” James told Fox News. “He told me to let him in. And then it kind of went quiet for a little while.”

The suspect went quite for a reason. He had begun pouring gasoline onto James’s house. He wanted to burn the house down so he could force his rape victim out and back into his clutches. He lit the house on fire, but thankfully the police and James’s dad arrived at that time. They were able to stop him from doing any more damage to the house – and to his female victim.

The criminal was apprehended. The victim was taken to the hospital. And James was honored as a hero for saving the college student and his family.