A Stranger Was Following Mom In The Store. When He Reached For Her Baby, She Made One Right Move : AWM

A Stranger Was Following Mom In The Store. When He Reached For Her Baby, She Made One Right Move

A West Virginia mom found out first hand that you can’t always trust strangers. Sad but true, this is the world we live in. When Chelsea Rayburn set off with her kids, three-year-old daughter Lorelei and infant son Lincoln, to go shopping at a big box store, it felt like a typical outing. Things took a decidedly creepy turn, however.

A stranger approached Chelsea and her children in the store and he initially asked her some seemingly innocent questions.

She took to Facebook to share the strange encounter, warning others to be on high alert. Chelsea started her post by asking: “You know all those recent posts going around about people making others nervous in stores? Yea, don’t be like me and brush them off like it’s no big deal.”

She continued, sharing the details of a man who talked to her and asked to use her phone, noting: “Tonight at Target I was approached by a man asking me if there was anywhere to stay around this area. I told him of some close by hotels and went about my business. Like a minute later I’m going to the self check out with Lorelei and Lincoln and he comes and asks to use my phone. I told him to let me get checked out… hoping he would go away.”

Despite her subtle brush-off, the man didn’t take the hint as she explained: “Instead and stood there asking me questions about my kids and even TOUCHED LINCOLNS FOOT! it’s late so I didn’t see hardly any workers in the store. I’m trying to keep my cool the whole time but he was making me very uncomfortable.”

At this point, she clearly wanted to be done and get out of there, as she felt uneasy about the situation, but what happened next is jaw-dropping.

Chelsea noted: “As I’m finishing up and putting my bags in, he TOOK LINCOLN OUT OF THE BUGGY!! At that point I’m shaking and sweating and calmly took the car seat from him. He started to walk outside knowing I was leaving and thank God I see a worker and whispered to her that he was scaring me and told her what was going on.”

She continued: “He caught on and walked out but a manager still walked me and the kids out. My nerves are totally shot, but I’m thanking God for those workers. We are home and I’m gonna love so tight on these babes for the rest of the night. Ohh and probably won’t be going to any stores alone at night anymore. Ohh, and who knew they had such a thing as a ‘protection manager.’ I wish I had gotten his name, so grateful for him tonight.”

It was certainly a tense and uneasy situation for this mom, but thankfully there was an employee to help her and the children get to her car safely.

Chelsea told WSAZ how the incident left her shaken, noting: “I would cry, stop crying, cry all night. I was up most of the night, just traumatized. I can’t stop replaying in my head what if, what if, what if he had gotten him, what if he had grabbed my daughter?”