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A Stray Dog Stole Their Dinner. When They Chased Her Down, They Found Her Hidden Secret

No matter how hard things are in our lives right now, there is always someone who has it tougher. That’s something I learned when I was in college. A friend’s parents had immigrated to the United States and worked their tails off to make it and be successful. And they did. As they climbed the ladder, they never forgot where they came from and that it was important to be grateful for all the things you do have in your life, whether it is money or health.

Many people and animals don’t have enough food on a daily basis to survive for long. This means they often resort to any means necessary to get their food for the day. Some people beg for change on the street while others scrounge through leftovers. In extreme cases, some have to steal their food.

When a stray dog ran up and stole pizza from diners on their lunch break in Palo Alto, they knew something was wrong. This dog was bold and didn’t eat the pizza straight away. The two office workers called the Peninsula Humane Society who tracked the dog down. Then rescue workers followed the pooch back to her den and found a litter of week-old puppies.

The brood of terrier mixes was discovered back on April 17.

PHS Communications Manager Buffy Martin Tarbox said, “The Poor little dog was struggling to survive on her own, eating whatever scraps of food she could find and trying to take care of her babies.”

Thankfully, mama dog and her six puppies were rescued. They have since been placed in foster care where they’re getting the love and attention they deserve.

On Friday the puppies were put up for adoption. They have since been weaned from their mother. They also were named after the British Royal family, given all the news coverage of the wedding.

Mama is named Queen Elizabeth. And her pups are William, Harry, Duchess Kate, Lady Di, Charlotte, and Meghan.

Of the entire litter of puppies, Duchess Kate has been adopted. The others are expected to find homes soon.

Readers on Mail Online felt warm when they heard this touching story.

“Heartwarming,” wrote one reader. Another said, “I’m bawling crying here. The love of a mama. Just gorgeous.”

“Best story I’ve read today.”

Another person felt the pain of the mother dog.

“As with any child taken away for adoption from an unwilling mother, I wonder what this poor mum thought when all her babies were farmed out, leaving her all alone, not knowing where her babies are. Someone hopefully takes all of them so they can stay together as a family.”

While it is unlikely they will all remain as a family unit. Hopefully, they each find loving homes where they can grow and prosper.

One reader visited the PHS. They remember a sign above the door that reads:

“A dog is the only animal on Earth, who gives love and expects nothing in return.”

What do you think about this animal rescue story? Are you hopeful?