A Stray Dog Was Brought To The Shelter. When We Looked In His Ear, Our Jaw Hit The Floor : AWM

A Stray Dog Was Brought To The Shelter. When We Looked In His Ear, Our Jaw Hit The Floor

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that you’ve never seen anything like this. Stray dogs pop up all over the place around the country, and sometimes they take a little while to adapt to their new situation. Occasionally, they’ll enter a shelter acting hostile or hungry or maybe even like they need special medical attention, but this time, it wasn’t that simple.

The shelter found something that they’ve never seen before.

The word “mutt” refers to a dog that has no definable type or breed. A dog named “Toad” is one of them. It seems like she’s got some strength to her and some familiar attributes, so maybe she’s got some pit bull genes somewhere in there. However, Mutt Misfits society in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma didn’t care much about her breed. Instead, it was one surprising detail that caught their attention.

When they were conducting their initial search, they discovered that Toad wasn’t born with three ears like it first appeared. Instead, she had one ear—and two mouths—one on the side of her head! When the workers at Mutt Misfits lifted up one of her ear flaps, they were left staring at a salivating mouth and teeth where his ear should be. Could you image finding that?

You might expect for Mutt Misfits to run away scared from this malformation, but they did just the opposite. When Heather Hernandez, owner of Mutt Misfits, came in the room and met Toad, it was clear that there was going to be no problem at all. Actually, instead, she might even be a blessing in disguise.

“She doesn’t see, hear, or smell very well because everything in her head is misaligned, but otherwise she’s totally normal,” Hernandez said. She responded very positively to Hernandez, as can be seen by Toad’s interest in being a lap dog. Heather says she’s always trying to be close to her.

According to Merck Vet Manual, “Congenital abnormalities are conditions that an animal is born with; they are often called ‘birth defects.’ Some of these conditions are inherited and tend to occur within particular families or breeds, while others are caused by chemicals or injury during pregnancy. For still others, the cause is unknown.”

So nobody knows what exactly happened to five-year-old Toad, but Heather sure is glad that she came into her facility. Hernandez even mentioned that the other dogs in the shelter recognize the bond that Heather and Toad share, so they often let the dog stride up to Heather whenever she enters the room. It sounds like everybody is working together nicely in there.

“[Mutt Misfits] was formed because in shelter settings there aren’t many organizations that specialize in the special needs pups.” How lucky is it that Toad lived so close to such a loving organization? It’s so touching to see that this otherwise unlucky dog finally found a home where she can be taken care of and loved.

Have you ever seen any dogs with birth defects?

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