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A Teen Boy’s Wheelchair Ramp Was Stolen From Outside His Home

Thieves are not known for being the most moral and ethical people. Because they’re willing to take something that they did not earn, they’re not afraid to grab what they can for a quick buck. Often, thieves hardly even get the amount of money close to what the object is worth because their stolen goods dealers often give them rock bottom prices – and that was probably the case for the lowlife thieves who stole the wheelchair ramp to one South Philadelphia teenager’s home.

That’s right. One family in South Philadelphia realized that a thief had taken their teenager’s wheelchair ramps from outside the front door while they slept. It meant that the teen was more or less stuck inside unless someone was able to carry them down the stairs.

It was a sudden shock because Tina and Joe Dolan had installed the ramps outside their home five years ago. They never thought that someone would trespass on their property at night and steal the wheelchair ramps that their son, Domenic, needs to get in and out of the house.

Domenic lives with cerebral palsy and requires a wheelchair to get around. Because the family home was built before homes were built to accommodate wheelchairs and people with disabilities, the family had no choice but to adapt the home they had to meet their son’s accessibility needs.

But a thief saw to it that their son would have to suffer.

“It’s very important because that’s our only means of getting Domenic in and out of the house. Without the ramp, we can’t get him out,” Tina told CBS3 Philadelphia.

Not only did the thief not consider the lives of the people they were taking from, but they have also ruined the life of a teenage boy with cerebral palsy. Getting out of the house is vital to Domenic for many reasons.

Tina added, “It’s important for my son to get him on the school bus, to get him outside to play, go to the park, anything!”

Because the thief took away Domenic’s wheelchair ramp, he can only get onto the top of the stoop. There’s no other way for him to leave the house. He’s trapped. His parents are not able to carry him down the stairs.

Tina said, “Long time ago, I was able to put him on my back. I can’t do it no more.”

The family is devastated that someone in the Philadelphia area would stoop so low as to steal a teenager’s wheelchair ramp.

“Devastated, shocked. Who would do something like that?” Tina said. “You knew somebody who was disabled had to use it. It’s not just a ramp for somebody to play with.”

Tina suspects that a crook stole the ramp to scrap it for its aluminum content.

Although the Dolans called the police, the investigation has gone nowhere. Now they’re starting a GoFundMe account to raise money to replace Domenic’s wheelchair ramp.

Until it’s replaced, Domenic is keeping his spirits up.

Tina said, “Even when he’s upset, he never complains. He’s my angel. This is my hero over there.”

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