A Teen Presented Harry And Meghan With A Hand Drawn Portrait And They Can’t Believe Their Eyes : AWM

A Teen Presented Harry And Meghan With A Hand Drawn Portrait And They Can’t Believe Their Eyes

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are enjoying some well-deserved time out of the spotlight. They were recently married in one of the highest-profile weddings of recent memory. Many of you were probably glued to the television, waiting for the next elegant celebrity, gorgeous dress, or regal royal to appear. The festivities were absolutely grand and the media certainly got their fill of this beautiful couple.

That’s not true at all, of course. The adorable royal couple can look forward to constant media attention and paparazzi for the rest of their days. There’s no doubt about it – nothing about the royal lifestyle approaches what we would call, “normal life.”

Harry and Meghan have admirers all across the world, some incredibly far away and others… not so much. They recently visited Ireland for their first official trip outside Britain and were met with yet another flock of adoring fans. The point of the trip is for the Prince to introduce himself and his new bride to the people who live under the families jurisdiction.

19-year-old Chloe Mullins had been anticipating their trip for months. She’s a talented artist and creative person, so she spent days and weeks crafting the perfect gift to give them – if she was lucky enough to get close!

Most adoring fans bring Markle some flowers, or perhaps a box of treats for them both to enjoy. Nobody has come close to topping the gift that they were about to receive from this talented young woman.

Chloe was hanging over a nearby railing as the royal couple walked through one of the many small Irish towns they would visit. Harry spotted her first due to the bright white piece of paper flapping around in her hand.

He was curious enough to approach her and Markle followed closely behind her husband. As they got closer, the contents of the paper became clearer and clearer. Seconds later, it revealed itself to be a stunningly true-to-life pencil drawing of one of their most beautiful engagement photos!

“That’s very, very good!” Harry exclaimed. “Did you draw that? It’s lovely… and you’ve given me more hair!”

Markle agreed and told her that it looked almost exactly like the original picture. For an artist like this, a compliment like that can mean the world from a subject. Very few ever get to interact with the famous subjects of their fan creations.

Harry asked her if she would be kind enough to let them home. Chloe nearly fainted at that, but she quickly recovered and told them that nothing would make her happier as an artist and a fan. Not only was she lucky enough to find them near her hometown, but she managed to impress them too!

She took to Instagram to share her triumph and quickly gained a ton of new followers. Her post went viral almost immediately and soon a ton of new fans got to appreciate her artistic gift!

What do you think of this inspirational tale of dedication from a 19-year-old Irish girl? Share in the comments!

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