A Video Of A Baby Meeting Her New Puppy For The First Time Is Going Viral For All The Right Reasons : AWM

A Video Of A Baby Meeting Her New Puppy For The First Time Is Going Viral For All The Right Reasons

Getting a puppy as a child is what dreams are made of, right after you come to grips with the fact that unicorns just aren’t real and you will never own one. Having a dog is an attainable goal, and if you stick by your parents long enough, the dream can be yours. But not all kids have to beg because some parents just want to see their kid’s faces light up when they bring home a new furry friend.

That was the exact reaction that Ashlyn Davis received from her daughter. The family is from New Mexico and recently had a baby. At just eight months old, their daughter Paulina Rose is your typical adorable child. Ashlyn decided that a puppy would be good for the family and decided on an incredibly small Yorkshire Terrier. The dog looks only a few months old and almost fits entirely in the palm of Ashlyn’s hands. As her husband filmed the first encounter, viewers weren’t sure how the child would react to the puppy.

But when Ashlyn showed the dog, who they named Coco, to their baby daughter, the response was so sweet that it made their video go viral. As soon as baby Paulina saw the dog, her eyes widened to cartoon size, and she began panting. It was actually like a baby version of excitedly hyperventilating. Her arms stayed outstretched, though not exactly trying to grab Coco, more like showing it how much love she has. Mom (Ashlyn) brings the dog closer to Paulina, who is sitting in a highchair, and the baby loses it. She continues on with this hyperventilating sound, which to be honest, is the way we all feel when we see a new puppy. Paulina just doesn’t hide it.

After a minute or so, it’s clear that Paulina is ready to get closer to Coco as she starts to reach for the puppy, who sits calmly in Ashlyn’s hands the entire time. What a good dog! Paulina finally gets a feel of Coco and viewers can see that she’s in love.

Paulina’s parents finally let her out of the high chair and place her on the floor so she can better interact with the dog. Her excitement only grows, which we didn’t think was even possible, and now Paulina is all in, ready to grab the dog and squeeze it with all of her little-baby might. Luckily her mom keeps the dog at a safe distance, and he doesn’t yet get the bear hug that is sure to come its way.

This video is so sweet, and we can tell how well loved Coco will be with her new family. After watching the video, it’s hard not to picture Paulina and Coco growing up together and staying pals for the rest of their life. Is that a tear? How much did you love watching this interaction? Is it making you consider getting a puppy of your own? Excuse us, while we make haste to the adoption center!

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