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A Woman Is Filling The Mailboxes In Our Neighborhood With These Flyers, And My Wife Is Furious

Most young people looking for love these days turn to the internet for help. Because Millennials are drowning in student loan debts and other obligations, they do not have time to get out and enjoy themselves as previous generations have. Being busy means they have little time to find love organically – unless searching for matches on a dating website or swiping through profile pictures counts as organic.

One 26-year-old single woman has given up on online dating. After putting her heart out there on Tindr, the woman from Melbourne, Australia decided to try to get a date a more “natural” way. Instead of using the online dating app, she wrote a letter and began placing it in the mailboxes of everyone in the neighborhood, hoping that Prince Charming would appear from the You Yangs area in the Aussie city.

The letter read as follows:

“Are you single and between the age of 26 and 34? Read on…

“Neither of those? Have a skim through if you wish. You might be amused as someone older, younger, or in a relationship.

“What this is all about is wanting to cut out the superficiality of dating apps and meet a man who has similar interests to me, so I thought I’d go to the source as I love spending time outside.”

The young woman then goes into details about why she despises dating apps.

“Dating apps have never turned out well for me. These are the things that normally happen.”

The following are a list of reasons dating apps don’t work for this young Australian single woman.

“I engage in chat that seems like it’s going well only to have the person you’re seeing not show up. The conversation lacks any sort of intellect. The conversation lacks thought – Yes, I’m talking about the ‘hi what u doing?’ Or I ask how they’re going, and they say ‘good’ with nothing else. Not talking to me for days like I’m number 10 on your list of dateable women. They’re just bored and want to text without ever actually meeting up. D*** pics. Say no more. Horrible dirty talk.”

Obviously, this jaded young woman has conversed with her share of distasteful men over dating apps.

She writes, “I’m 26 and those I chat to around my age who are both single and in a relationship agree it is hard to/would be hard to meet single people aside from using dating apps. I don’t really drink much these days, so I think that creates a bit of a barrier for me.”

The young woman then lists her “credentials,” including her stats. While her method is certainly unconventional, it is creative. Hopefully, Prince Charming was one of the men who read her letter, and she is not inundated with creepy people looking to take her up on her offer.

The young woman, who remains anonymous, dropped her dating application into random mailboxes in her part of town.

What do you think about her strategy for landing an interesting date?

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