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A Woman Who Lost Her Memory Cries Uncontrollably Every Day When She Asks About Her Husband

Illnesses never come at a good time. They’re often unexpected and unwelcome guests in our lives. But when an illness strikes, especially a chronic condition, we have no choice but to accept it and learn to live with it or else suffer the stress of resisting it for the rest of our lives. But for 29-year-old Russian Veronika Mescheryakova, her chronic condition makes it hard for her to move on because she suffers from debilitating short-term memory issues.

Because of her illness, which is a degenerative disease porphyria, Veronika remembers that she was married but does not remember that her husband left her. This turns out to be an excruciating fact whenever she is told what happens. And because every time she hears it is like the first time, Veronika suffers again and again at the horrible news that the relationship with the love of her life is over. She is from Kazan, Russia.

Veronika’s husband filed for divorce in November 2017. And because her illness started to take hold, she cannot recall him doing that at all. That is why she has to be told that he left her every time he does not come home at the end of the night. And every time she hears the news, Veronika breaks down and cries.

Veronika remembers only the good times with her ex-husband. She cannot recall the months they struggled to work on their relationship and how that effort ultimately failed miserably.

Whenever Veronika wakes up, she realizes her husband is not home. But instead of remembering that he filed for divorce, she just thinks he is at work. She waits all day for him to finish his job so he can come home and shower her with the love and kindness he used to when their marriage was fresh and exciting.

However, Veronika’s mother has to take on the difficult job of telling her daughter the truth about the husband. Every night, mom tells Veronika that her husband is not at work but has left her life for good. She has to tell Veronika again and again, as if it is the first time, that her husband will never be back in her life.

Every time mom breaks the news, Veronika becomes distraught. A local news report on the young woman’s heartbreaking condition and showed the woman crying when her mother revealed the bad news about her ex-husband’s departure.

When people read the news article, they shared their sympathy with the young woman suffering from the condition.

One reader from Russia shared their sympathy with the young divorcee. “I feel so sorry for her that I want to cry.”

Another wrote, “Maybe they should tell her that she was the one who left him.”

Memory is not the only thing that was affected by the illness. Veronika now also struggles to walk. Doctors have been working to help relieve the symptoms of porphyria for years, but an operation conducted in the past did not prove effective.

Veronika’s mother hopes that her daughter will heal and will one day reconnect with her ex-husband.

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