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A Young Man Thought It Would Be Cool To Join A Riot. Then His Mom Found Out

Young people always try to rebel against their parents. The way they go about rebelling is always different. Perhaps, they purposely stay out past their curfew, challenging their parents to punish them. Perhaps, they silently sulk in their rooms, distancing themselves emotionally from their parents. In the case of this young man, he decided to rebel not just against his mother but against organized and civilized society as a whole – and mom shut it down as quickly as the young man started it up.

In the video, you’ll watch an outraged mother fly into a rage when she realizes that her son is among the rioters on the street. Because the mother did not raise her son to be acting in the way that he was acting, she quickly shut down his misbehaving ways before things could get too far out of hand. And it was a good thing that she managed to catch him in time because he was engaging in behavior that could have landed him behind bars.

When the video of this “public freak-out,” as the internet labeled it, found its way onto the social share site called Reddit, the content quickly blew up and went viral. Hundreds of people have been sharing their thoughts and reactions regarding the video and the way mom shut down her son’s misbehaving ways.

While you’ll want to watch the whole video to see what happened that day on the street, these people shared their thoughts in the comments because they wanted to contribute to the discussion. You’re invited to do just that in the comment section of this story below.

“Momma knows best.”

“At least he had his face covered for the mom humiliation.”

“He went out looking for a fight, and she gave him what he wanted. Seems like a good lesson, to me. How many other kids did the same thing but got their a**es beat far worse by cops, national guard, gangs, etc.?”

Some people marveled in how mom was able to launch into an onslaught of her son, who decided to put his safety at risk during the riot.

“She gets more solid hits in there than 90 percent of the fight posts on here!”

“Because he’s not going to hit his mum back. So she doesn’t have to worry about defense. She can focus on attack alone.”

“I don’t think it’s that at all. You could argue the opposite and say because it’s her son, she would hold back. I don’t think most of the people we see throwing ‘punches’ on this sub are thinking about defense at all. They just go ham with the ineffectual flailing. She’s either got some experience, or she’s just a natural!”

Some people turned the fight into a humorous situation between mother and son.

“Mom, can I go out and riot tonight?”

“Sorry guys, I can’t riot tonight, mum said no.”

What do you think about this video footage? Do you support the mom, or do you believe she went too far with her punishment?

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