If the world did not have any good Samaritans in it, the place would be overrun with bad guys. What type of person has such darkness in their heart to abandon a puppy in the trash? While we may never know the identity of the crook who did such a thing, fate was looking out for the pooch when it made sure to put a good Samaritan in the animal’s path after the cute animal was dumped in a pile of garbage.

The little dog was tossed away into a large box along the side of the road. As you watch the heartbreaking footage, you can hear the cute dog crying out for someone to come and help it. Unfortunately, the previous owner thought so little of the little guy that the dog was left to die in a random spot along a busy thoroughfare. The footage included below will give you a glimpse into the horrors that this dog faced when it was thrown away like refuse in a garbage can.

At the 1:20-mark in the clip, the dog is finally saved when people on motorcycles stop to give the animal a hand. It takes a minute for the person to get off their vehicle, but eventually, a man approaches wearing a surgical mask. He gently reaches out his hand toward the puppy in a friendly gesture, offering the animal his kindness.

The little puppy sniffs the man’s hand and allows the man to pet it. That’s when the guy picks up the pooch and takes it out of the concrete box that it was abandoned in. He gives the animal a checkup to make sure the pooch has not been injured or fallen sick with some type of illness or disease.

Next, the man takes out a small white bowl and a water bottle. He pours some of the freshwaters into the bowl and holds it out for the puppy to drink. The puppy looks very tired and sad after it has been rescued. It just stands around and allows the man to pet it and check it over.

When the animal is brought to a home, it stands in place shivering. The dog seems to be pretty scared by the sudden change in its circumstances and does not know what to think. Fortunately, the good is now with a good Samaritan who wants to help the animal recover and find a forever home.

While back at the property, the man gives the dog some food. He pinches pieces of a dog treat into the palm of his hand and then feeds it to the puppy with as much tender care as the dog’s own mother might perform. The animal is seriously hungry and really needs the food the man has prepared for it. He sets up a place with dry dog food on it and then squeezes a tube of meat onto the plate for the puppy to enjoy. The dog does not hesitate to dig in.

What do you think about this poor abandoned puppy?

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