An adult film star from Down Under (Australia) “almost died” while filming a raunchy hour-long sex scene with fellow porn star Keiran Lee. The woman, Angela White, now wants the world to know that the claims being made about her need to be reexamined with a clearer lens. Keiran, 39, recently claimed that Angela White, 37, was rushed to a hospital after they filmed an hour-long sex scene in 2013 because she was almost going to die from a burst appendix.

Although the details of the incident sound shocking and dangerous, Angela White recently spoke up about what really happened when she appeared on the Only Stands podcast alongside Glenny Balls. She said that while she was rushed to the emergency room at the hospital, the incident involving fellow porn star Keiran was “blown way out of proportion.”

She said, “My appendix actually did not burst, but it is true I had appendicitis and did have to have emergency surgery to have it removed.”

Appendicitis is a condition in which the appendix becomes inflamed. People who suffer from the condition often experience painful symptoms like severe pain in the abdomen, fever, chills, and all-around weakness across the body.

If the condition is not treated quickly, it can lead to a “burst appendix,” which is known as an appendix rupturing.

If you hear Keiran (pictured with his wife) tell what happened during the 2013 incident that sent Angela White to the emergency room, you’d think that his sizable manhood was responsible for sending her to the hospital. Keiran and White were recording a sex scene that lasted around an hour when the female porn star began experiencing severe pain in her abdomen. Keiran thought he had done some kind of damage by having sex with her repeatedly. In reality, it was “likely a pure coincidence,” White claimed.

She added, “There is no medical evidence to suggest his giant d**k was pummeling my organs.”

She added that Keiran’s nine-and-a-half-inch penis probably did “reach organs that shouldn’t be reached.” One small fact about Keiran’s manhood is that he has his penis insured for one million dollars.

Angela White had her appendix removed, and she likes how it feels now better than before when she had the organ.

“But there’s more room in there now that [my appendix] has been removed! There’s a lot more room to accommodate.”

Angela White has come forward to speak about her iconic case of appendicitis because Keiran recently conducted an interview on the Pillow Talk podcast in February where he insinuated that his large manhood was what damaged Angela White’s insides after their hour-long sex scene in front of the camera.

“I put her into hospital, and this was actually not on purpose,” he said in February. “We were shooting content, and… we were going at it for over an hour. After that, I’m like, ‘See you, sweetheart. [Have a] lovely day.’”

Keiran could not believe that his first scene with Angela White caused her to have abdominal pain.

“I found out two days later she’d gone back home to Australia. She said her stomach was hurting, and she had to go see a doctor. Apparently, her appendix burst in the scene, which could have killed her.”