After 25 Years Of Marriage, Her Husband Made A Demand That He’ll Regret For The Rest Of His Life : AWM

After 25 Years Of Marriage, Her Husband Made A Demand That He’ll Regret For The Rest Of His Life

Marriage is tough, especially when you can’t agree on how the house should be run. When a husband reached his breaking point over the number of dogs that his wife had in her care, he gave her an ultimatum. It probably didn’t go quite the way he planned, however, when he told her “It’s me or the dogs.” Certainly that kind of statement would give her the nudge she needed to scale back on the dogs living in the house? Nope.

Mike Haslam told his wife of 25 years, Liz, that “it’s me or the mutts” because of the cost of having 30 bull terriers, not to mention the 18 hours of care a day required for the animals.

Liz refused to part with her beloved pooches, however, and Mike made good on his promise, leaving her and he hasn’t had contact with her since.

Liz noted that “I thought after 25 years he should know giving up the dogs was not what my intentions were. But I wasn’t prepared to give it all up. So he decided to go. I didn’t think twice about leaving the dogs.”

The couple first started dating when she was 16 and were married in 1991. They had one son, Ollie, who lived with them, moving to a property with a bit of land so that Liz could set up a boarding kennel business.

Liz also founded a rescue charity for bull terries called BedforBullies, but the rescue operation added up to 15 dogs to her current pets — another 15 dogs.

All of those paws require exercise and massive care, so she walks each dog four times a day and does up to ten loads of laundry.

Mike couldn’t take all of the dogs in their care anymore and walked out in September 2016.
Since he left, however, Liz said she’s happier than ever, explaining, “My life how I have got it is how I want it.”

Those who weighed in with comments on social media seemed to side with Liz, with one person writing: “Always pick the dogs, cats, horses etc. when given an ultimatum.”

Another noted that the number of dogs seemed like a lot of work, and sided with the husband, commenting: “30? Wow that’s a lot of work for one woman. Kudos to her. But I definitely see where he’s coming from. Don’t blame him or her for their choices. Too bad she couldn’t compromise and maybe downsize considering he has to live with that many as well.”

All of the animal lovers on social media would have definitely chosen their pets over their spouse, as the following comments indicated: “People love their pets, NEVER ask a pet lover to choose between them or me… you lose every time,” “Totally with her on this, it’s as the saying goes ‘the more people I meet, the more I love my dogs!!,'” “No choice really,” and “animals are far better than people any day and if thats her dream, good luck to her.”

Not a lot of commenters, however, appeared to believe that a compromise could have been struck between the two, with most siding one way or the other.