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After A Devastating Car Crash, Teen Has A Vision That Changed His Life Forever

Accidents happen without warning. And when they involve several tons of metal, they can change our lives. Car crashes can kill and leave victims maimed. So when Ryan Estrada crashed his car while driving to school, he was severely injured and wound of paralyzed. However, fate was not done with him yet. The young man from Richmond, Virginia did not just get injured. He experienced a divine vision that changed the way he looked at life forever.

It was a rainy morning when Estrada lost control of his vehicle. He was trying to avoid a cyclist.

“I remember swerving past the biker, and there was another car coming in the lane, so I had to swerve back into my lane,” he recalls. “I remember losing control of the wheel, hitting the mailbox and then hitting the tree.”

Because he was paralyzed, Ryan could not feel the bulk of his injuries. As you can imagine, Ryan felt like he was on top of the world one moment and the next he couldn’t move his hands or feet.

“I was about to go into surgery, and the whole day I was sad, crying, bummed,” he said.

Then God touched his life in the most memorable way.

“I remember my uncle, I saw him in like heaven,” Ryan explained. “And he told me that I’m going to get through the surgery and everything is going to be alright, so I knew from that moment, I was smiling. I looked over at my mom and told her everything was going to be OK — You know uncle Jack, he’s got me.”

The accident cost him everything. But in exchange, he got back his faith. He started praying every day after his accident.

His mother was surprised to see how much Ryan’s outlook changed. She said he was the happiest he has been in years despite the accident.

“I think it means heaven is real and God’s real and that I’m here for a reason. I didn’t die for a reason,” he said. “I think it happened to regain my faith. I wasn’t really a religious person the last year going through depression. But ever since the accident every day praying.”

His mom also believes that God is playing a role in his life now. They don’t know why, but they have faith it will work out for the best.

“We don’t know that reason yet,” his mom said. “After seeing pictures of his car, there is a reason Ryan is here he is going to make good on his promise to touch lives in some way.”

Ryan worked relentlessly to recover. And after launching a GoFundMe account, people started supporting him and his family. His story helped.

Although his doctors are doubtful, Ryan knows God is with him, and he will walk within six months.

“I just throw a smile on my face there’s no point in being negative that doesn’t do anything for you but when your positive and have a good mindset only good things will come,” said Ryan.