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After Bad Encounter With McDonald’s Employee, Parents Make Disturbing Discovery In Child’s Drink

Parents in Gatineau, Canada are outraged at McDonald’s. After they took their son to the restaurant location, the child took the milkshake to his lips with excitement. He’d wanted it for some time and was so happy that his parents had finally taken him to the restaurant to get it. However, when he started to sip the chocolate milkshake, things took a turn for the worst as the little boy’s mouth started to burn!

Because McDonald’s should not be serving milkshakes loaded with chemicals or other additives that make children’s mouths burn, the Gatineau parents sought answers to their problem. They want McDonald’s Canada to launch an investigation into what caused the chocolate flavor to cause such an offensive reaction.

Jon Hansen is the concerned dad. He does not want his son to suffer long-term complications because McDonald’s accidentally added “poison” or some other dangerous chemical to his boy’s after dinner treat.

Although McDonald’s has been throwing money at him to settle the matter, Hansen wants the truth, not to get rich.

“Who cares about money,” the dad said. “We want the report. At the end of the day, that’s what it’s all about.”

Hansen, then added, “Even if we get money and everything, what happens if this happens again in the future, and we knew about this? How can we live with ourselves?”

Hansen feels a sense of personal responsibility for what happened to his son. Now that he knows that the McDonald’s location was putting something evil in their chocolate milkshakes – most likely by accident – he wants to save other little boys and girls from the nightmare that resulted to his son after he sipped the beverage. He doesn’t want other parents to suffer as he has.

The little boy who burned his mouth on the McDonald’s chocolate milkshake was Pierce Hansen, who was five at the time of the tragedy. His parents bought him the milkshake from a Buckingham McDonald’s on July 22, 2013. As he was enjoying it, he reported a burning sensation in his mouth that alarmed his parents. They bought him the treat as a dessert, not as a torture device.

“My tummy was hurted,” the six-year-old boy said.

His mother, Jennifer Cameron, then took a sip of the tainted drink.

“It was like having wasabi. It was so strong going through my face. My mouth was burning, and I knew there was something wrong with it.”

McDonald’s chocolate milkshakes are supposed to be smooth and cool. If they’re producing a burning sensation throughout the entire face, then they’re doing it wrong. Everyone can agree over that.

After the incident, McDonald’s Canada issued a statement.

“Food quality and safety is our top priority, and we have strict food safety policies and procedures in place to endure our customers receive the highest quality products when they visit our restaurants.”

Since the family reported the incident to McDonald’s, the restaurant chain has been supportive. They’ve offered numerous settlement packages. But as Jon Henson said, he wants answers not bucket loads of cash.

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