After “Beheading” Trump, Kathy Griffin’s Career Is Imploding And She’s Blaming Everyone Except Herself : AWM

After “Beheading” Trump, Kathy Griffin’s Career Is Imploding And She’s Blaming Everyone Except Herself

Kathy Griffin made major headlines last year when she published photos that portrayed President Donald Trump’s decapitated head. It was fake of course, but the implication made a lot of people angry with the red-head comedian. She has been running a publicity tour ever since, trying to get back into the good graces of the American public.

It hasn’t been working out so well. Griffin recently continued her campaign to point out the backlash against her due to the violent, graphic pictures. She has even gone so far as to claim that she is on a “kill list” due to her pictures.

“I am truly excited and grateful to be able to go back on tour. As you guys know I am honest if nothing else,” she recently tweeted. “So here’s the latest: Things have not gotten better for me.”

“In fact, I just found out I’m on a brand new “Kill List.” Constant death threats and threats of violence toward me in very specific ways,” she continued. “None of the social media platforms I need to make a living and sell my tour tickets will step in and help at all.”

She is quickly realizing just how ineffective her attempt at “shock marketing,” with those violent pictures was. Rather than embed herself in the liberal mainstream, it actually turned a lot of people off to her entire shtick, not just her politics.

Griffin blames the “right leaning alt-right media” for conspiring against her, and it’s true that she has received a lot of flack over the past year or so. But she needs to recognize that no matter what political side you are on, depicting a sitting president with a decapitated head is disgusting.

President Trump is under investigation for a multitude of crimes that he has been accused of, but only time will tell what happens with that investigation. America is built on this system of checks and balances to ensure that power doesn’t swing wildly to one side or another, as you’ll find in less democratic countries.

Either way, violent threats and imagery like this have no place in proper political discourse. Similar to the images of Barack Obama portrayed as Hitler, it simply doesn’t add anything to the discussion.

If you support a candidate, you better know their stance and positions on the issues you believe in. If you are against a candidate, you better know their stance and position on issues you believe in. If you find yourself supporting or hating a candidate without really knowing anything about what is actually going on in politics, then you’ve been taken for a ride.

The media has an enormous influence on both sides to influence rhetoric and develop people’s points of view on a given topic. But rather than use that power to inform and improve the country, the media landscape has sunken into a bunch of talking heads discussing their personal opinion on a topic.

The purpose of the news isn’t to share the personal opinions of the anchors – it’s to tell people the facts behind the news so they can make an informed decision for themselves. Do you think we can go back to when the news actually told people the whole truth and nothing but the truth?