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After Being Released From Prison For Murdering His Son, He’s Facing Another Murder Charge

A father who spent years in jail after he was convicted of murdering his son was recently released from prison. Now at the age of sixty-five, the system thought he would be able to rejoin society and get on with his life easily. However, within a short time of being released, the man’s daughter, 43, was found dead in a dumpster in Baltimore and the man behind the act is thought to be the father, Lawrence Banks.

Now, Banks has been charged with first-degree murder of his daughter, Dominique Foster, whom he apparently killed on Mother’s Day 2019.

The married mother of six was found dead with her head missing. Her body was dumped in a shopping cart near a dumpster in Baltimore. When police made the connection between Banks and Foster, they got a warrant to search his apartment and found a lot of damning evidence. There was blood all over the residence as well as a handgun.

Banks was previously arrested back in 1976 after he threw his seven-month-old daughter through a glass door. Banks spent 15 years in prison for that conviction. Before that case even went to trial, the mother of the abused child and Banks’s then-wife, Vivian, turned up dead. But he was never put on trial for her murder.

When Banks got out of prison following the time he spent for abusing the baby, he was then sent back to prison in 1991 for murdering his son and another man. However, he behaved “so well” in prison, and the system decided to release him on good faith in 2002.

Now he has been charged with killing his daughter, who is thought to be the same girl he abused back in the 1970s. He had finally finished the job he set out to do when he threw her tiny seven-month-old body through the glass door.

The City of Baltimore charged Banks with Foster’s first-degree murder on Thursday. He was already being held in detention when the charges came to him because he faced firearm charges that were filed in the process of investigating Foster’s death.

Foster’s decapitated body was found on Mother’s Day 2019. Her body was near a dumpster near Banks’s apartment. Her corpse was also missing her feet, lower legs, and hands.

When police searched Banks’s home, they found counterfeit money, blood residue, a .380 caliber handgun with only five bullets remaining in the magazine – the rest had apparently been discharged.

In 2006, four years after he was released from prison on “good behavior,” his then-girlfriend filed a protective order against him. The girlfriend, 22-year-old Lisa Laverne Brown and her 9-month-old daughter, Labria, were found shot and killed a short time after.

Because of his long-standing history of domestic violence and murder, the investigators asked Banks’s parole officer to find any violations that they could use to hold him while they secured the evidence against him in the Foster murder case. They found that Banks had moved without alerting his parole officer, which was enough to lock him down until they had enough evidence to charge him for his daughter’s murder.

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