After Eating Sushi, Man Finds A Five Foot Creature Wiggling It’s Way Out Of Him : AWM

After Eating Sushi, Man Finds A Five Foot Creature Wiggling It’s Way Out Of Him

Sushi is a trendy dish. It comes from Japan, and its two main ingredients are raw fish and rice. But if you eat too much sushi, you could end up like this poor California man. Because he enjoyed the Japanese delicacy every day, he had a five-foot-long tapeworm come wriggling out of his body. And it left him rethinking his urge to eat so much sushi. The man, who lives in Fresno, California, rushed to the emergency room because he was suffering from horrible diarrhea. And when he saw Dr. Kenny Bahn at the emergency room, the doctor took notes, because he was planning on telling the patient’s story on his podcast called “This Won’t Hurt A Bit.”

When the California man came into the Fresno Community Regional Medical Center, he told the doctors, “I really want to be treated for worms.”

Dr. Bahn thought the man was crazy. But when he took a closer look, he saw that the sushi eater was horribly infected. The disgusting proof could not be denied when Dr. Bahn helped pull the five-foot worm out of the man’s body.

“I take out a toilet paper roll, and wrapped around it, of course, is what looks like this giant, long tapeworm,” Bahn said on his tell-all podcast.

When the doctor unraveled the tapeworm, it was 5-and-a-half-feet long. That’s taller than most women in the United States. That’s a huge thing having suck the life out of you from the inside.

The patient told Bahn that the worm felt like it was “wriggling out” of him. And it hurt so badly that it felt like “his guts were coming out.” Dr. Bahn decided to take the man’s story of suffering and share it on his audio podcast to impress his listeners.

When the man sat on the toilet to push the worm out of him, it did not work. He then reached behind and started to pull on it. And when he did, the tapeworm began to resist. It did not want to leave the warm habitat of the man’s bowels. It wanted to remain in there, steal his life away from him, and reproduce.

When the man learned that it was “only a tapeworm,” he was flooded with relief. Because those are treatable, he did not have to worry about some other kind of lasting health problem. And if there were any more worms in his body, he was given medication that should help remove them in due time.

According to a study published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention last year, wild-caught salmon caught in the waters off Alaska could contain worms. And because this man was eating raw salmon in his sushi, he was unknowingly putting his body at risk. If he had known, he would have changed his eating habits.

The patient confirmed that he will stay away from sushi for some time yet.

Are you a lover of sushi? Will you think twice about indulging in this Japanese delicacy after hearing about this worm problem?