After Hearing A Loud Noise, He Decided To Take A Pic When He Saw What The Teen Was Up To : AWM

After Hearing A Loud Noise, He Decided To Take A Pic When He Saw What The Teen Was Up To

Everyone has a camera these days and is ready to use it. If you’re out doing something you shouldn’t be doing – like breaking the law – people are willing and ready to take out their phones and videotape or photograph what is going on. More people have been caught in the act of crimes and other disgraces because watchful eyes are everywhere.

Cody Mitschelen of California was not going to get away unseen. After Cody, 14, knocked on his girlfriend’s neighbor’s door, he met Ryan Cox at the door. Cox was suspicious. He did not know Cody and didn’t know what he was up to. But then the teenager offered to mow Cox’s lawn for the attractive price of $5.

Because Cox knew not to trust such a good offer, he needed to know more before he could agree to it. To him, it sounded like the $5 lawn-cutting service must have had some strings attached. And when he pried, he learned that Cody did have an ulterior motive. He didn’t care about mowing the lawn. He wanted to impress his girlfriend who was Cox’s neighbor.

The teen then told Cox exactly why he wanted to mow the lawn.

“I’d like to take my girlfriend to lunch tomorrow, and I don’t have enough money,” the teenager told KTTV after his story went viral.

Because Cox could understand young love, he agreed to let Cody mow his lawn. But when the boy did a good job, Cox decided he would teach Cody a thing or two about business so he could earn more money later.

Cox spent the afternoon mentoring Cody. He helped him knock on more doors to offer his lawn-cutting services. Soon Timmy Jaramillo answered the door. And he offered Cody relationship advice, which would prove to be more valuable than a few dollars.

“I told him, I know you’re in high school and it’s embarrassing to walk around with them, but get her flowers,” Jaramillo said.

Eventually, Cody earned the money he needed to take his girlfriend out on the town. He mowed lawns and swept sidewalks and other odd jobs around the yard.

“I’m so happy this still exists,” Cox shared in his viral Facebook post. “Hope is still alive for the future generation and our sons and daughters. I’m impressed by whoever is raising this boy, great job! Thanks to you guys that also noticed and pitched in on the cause to building our future men!”

Thousands of people were impressed on social media. And they also applauded Cody’s hard-working attitude for love.

Soon the owner of Safari Pizza in nearby Oakdale, California heard about Cody’s mission to take his girlfriend out for a date. Cody was planning to take her for dinner to Safari Pizza all along. That’s why Jesse Lopez, the restaurant owner, laid out a tablecloth and candles to make it a very romantic meal. Lopez also paid for the meal.

“When I got in there, and they sat me down, everybody went, ‘Aww,’” Cody said. “I didn’t know it was going to blow up that big.”