After I Learned These 5 Iced Coffee Recipes, I Never Had To Go To My Favorite Coffee Shop Again : AWM

After I Learned These 5 Iced Coffee Recipes, I Never Had To Go To My Favorite Coffee Shop Again

Ice coffee is one of those things people love to drink during the summer months. I don’t know about you, but something is satisfying about an iced coffee in the afternoon when I know I shouldn’t be drinking any more caffeine for the day. Nevertheless, the flavored taste and striking coldness of the drink get to me every time, and I love to indulge.

But you don’t have to spend $3 at your local coffee shop to enjoy an iced beverage this summer. It is much easier to make it at home than you probably think and you can make your ice coffee in five different ways.

Vanilla ice coffee

Flavors are what make ice coffee special. And this recipe can turn your ice coffee into a flavored dessert you’ll want to enjoy on the porch while the sunsets. Just pour hot coffee on top of creamy, vanilla ice cream. Mix it around as you will and savor the sweet taste of the best of both worlds.

With simple syrup

Simple syrup sure is simple to make. All you need is some sugar and hot water. One part of each. Mix them together until they blend. Then you have some simple syrup to sweeten your beverages on demand. It’s great. You’ll get the level of sweetness you want with more control. Plus, it won’t leave any sugar granules at the bottom of your drink. Since ice coffee is too cold to melt sugar crystals, simple syrup proves to be a better way to infuse sweetness throughout the entire drink.

Inside-out ice coffee

If you like your drink strong, you must try this. Create ice cubes of coffee and chocolate sauce. Then when you’re drinking, melting water won’t be responsible for diluting your pleasure. All you need is leftover coffee and chocolate syrup to make this masterpiece. Then when you’re ready to make your beverage, the ice cubes are good to go. Talk about getting the most of your morning.

With sweetened, condensed milk

Never had ice coffee with this? You’re not enjoying life to the fullest. Instead of having to add both milk and sugar to your ice coffee to get the taste you want, sweetened, condensed milk can do the trick right from the jump. It makes your beverage rich and flavorful. And you’re going to love it with this ingredient. Give it a shot. When I did, I fell in love.

Coffee breakfast smoothie

What’s a better drink for breakfast than coffee? Nothing really is. But a smoothie might take second place when it comes to beverages. With this version, you’ll need to blend your coffee, ice, a banana, yogurt, and chocolate protein powder. The result is a fantastic drink that serves both as your morning coffee and as a protein-packed smoothie. If you’re into healthy eating and live life on the go, then you need to give this recipe a shot.

Which of these ice coffee recipes speaks to you? Do you already have a particular way of making your ice coffee every day?