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After Seeing What He Did To His Dog In The Park, I’m Never Going To Go There Again

One Australian man was caught red-handed doing something disturbing in a public water fountain. If this video does not scare you away from using a public water fountain, then nothing will. As you’ll see in the clip uploaded to the internet by Rebecca Laurie, this man uses the drinking fountain at Rushcutters Bay Park in Sydney to wash his dog’s dirty bottom

Although the man thought he was getting away with it, Rebecca saw exactly what he was up to and decided to record the “completely disgusting” behavior. As a result, the man has been exposed to the dirty habit that puts the health of other people at the public park in danger.

The way it worked was simple. The man lifted his small dog’s bottom up to the water fountain and then proceeded to use the drinking water as a bidet to clean the pooch’s smelly butt.

Because Rebecca, her family, and thousands of other people who visit the park regularly use the drinking fountain to hydrate themselves, she was shocked to see this man violating it with canine fecal matter.

Rebecca was dumbfounded to see the man use the fountain to clean the dog’s butt and then lifted the pooch’s tail and flicked the fecal matter accumulated there onto the water fountain.

“It is completely disgusting,” Rebecca wrote. “Not to mention a health risk. I am sure people who haven’t seen the video are using that bubbler today.”

To think that this man is subjecting innocent people to the fecal matter that his dog was unable to excrete onto the ground should turn your stomach over and make it do backflips.

As Rebecca filmed the perpetrator, she and six other people called out to the man to stop what he was doing. However, he conveniently ignored their cries and continued to wash his dirty dog in the drinking fountain.

“Six or so people including myself, told him, he did not care in the slightest and actually made the comment that we don’t drink from the bowl of the bubbler,” she said.

Because the man was nonplussed with Rebecca and the others’ complaints, he escaped the scene without being identified. The only way the police would be able to ID the man is if they take a close look at the video and try to find a man who owns a similar breed of dog. It’s unlikely, unfortunately.

Thankfully, Rebecca’s video has gone viral, and a lot of people in Australia and the Sydney metro area have seen it. Maybe someone will come forward and identify the man who washed his dog’s feces-covered butt in the public drinking fountain.

Comments online agree that this incident is “infuriating” and “beyond revolting.” One local admitted that they’d “never drink form that bubbler again,” while another added, “it’s completely disrespectful.”

Because this man is disregarding the other people who use the water fountain to hydrate and is exposing children and adults to a health risk, it is possible he could face charges if found.

What’s your reaction to this behavior?

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