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After The Officer Was Done With This Homeless Man, Nobody Could Recognize Him

A police officer’s act of kindness for a homeless man had a huge impact after he took an interest and helped the man turn his life around. Bobby, who has lived on the streets for some time, was stopped by Officer Aaron Page, who asked him to come into the police station the following day. Bobby didn’t know why the City of Rome Police Department wanted him to come to the station, but he didn’t want to get in trouble and came as the officer instructed him.

He never could have expected what was going to happen next.

Officer Page and a team of other officers were waiting for Bobby to arrive to help him with a makeover! They assisted him with getting out of his dirty clothes, the only belongings Bobby had, and into a new wardrobe. They also gave him a much needed beard trim and haircut, transforming Bobby into a new person.

The idea came after Officer Page stopped to talk with Bobby and better understand his situation. Bobby had told the officer that he was having a hard time and that he really wanted some simple things: a shave, haircut, and shower.

The police department was more than happy to help with this simple enough request. New clothes and shoes awaited Bobby and Sgt. Frank Fragapane, Jeff Buckley and George Gebo started cutting his hair and shaving his beard.

The police department shared the moving story on their Facebook page, writing: “We’re always trying to come up with new ideas how to help and give back to our community. Officer Page spearheaded the idea on this one, and it was a great way to help someone who needed a hand.”

Bobby left the police station feeling like a new man, clean and trimmed up because of the selfless act of these officers.

Those who weighed in with comments applauded the officers for assisting this man, with one person writing: “How nice of them! May God bless them for there kindness!! Thank you for putting your lives in jeopardy for others and for putting others before you in kindness above and beyond. May God bless and protect you all.”

Another commenter, however, wondered if Bobby was returning back to the streets after this appearance makeover, noting: “That is so awesome, now could you help find him a safe place to live and perhaps help him get some type of assistance? Don’t make the poor guy go back out into the streets, that defeats the purpose, don’t y’all think so?”

The police department responded: “We cannot force someone to accept anything. We did what we could and he was happy, thankful and wanted nothing more.”

Another commenter shared: “Looks great!!!Thanks for the help guys… I’m a nurse and I know how these people are appreciative for little things we do for them.”

Others loved the uplifting story, with one commenter noting: “What an awesome story! How touching it is to see what these officers did for this homeless man. May God bless you all for helping this man get a new start in his journey!!”