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After This Librarian’s Sultry Makeover, Nobody In Town Can Recognize Her Anymore

When it was time for Wendy, a part-time librarian from Connecticut, to prepare for her fiftieth birthday, she knew exactly what she wanted to do. Besides ringing in her fifth decade, she also wanted to find a new job, one that would offer her more hours and better pay – the type of job she deserved after earning so much experience with books.

But turning fifty was very emotional for Wendy because her mother died as she was turning fifty, making this milestone particularly challenging. Because she wanted to make her fiftieth year special, Wendy knew that an update to her stale style and would be a great way to celebrate. One reason her style remained stuck in the past was that she liked to grow her hair very long, but did nothing to keep it looking good. Instead, she’d have it shorn off at various intervals and donate the long locks to people surviving cancer. While generous, it did nothing for Wendy’s personal style.

Besides wearing her hair long, Wendy also put it up in buns and braids, which were very easy for her to manage. But they didn’t look good on her. They were simply a lazy way for her to keep going about her day without having to do much with her hair. She didn’t like upkeep.

Fortunately, Rachel Ray caught wind of Wendy’s predicament. After confirming that Wendy had not gotten a substantial haircut in eight years, she knew that her stylists would have their work cut out for them. That’s why Rachel Ray decided to challenge her stylists on staff to give the nearly fifty-year-old librarian a makeover that would transform the way she looked and felt about herself.

When Wendy first interviews for the show, she admits that she hardly ever cuts her hair. She’s only cut it three times throughout her life and donated it every time. This means that she only has to keep up with it periodically and to make sure to keep her hair in a bun so she can do her job.

“It does get a little bit difficult to take care of, especially on these humid days,” Wendy admits. “I’ll wear it up. I’ll braid it. I’ll bun it. When my hair is this long, though, sometimes it gets stuck in things.”

Life is not easy for Wendy, and now that she’s approaching her fiftieth birthday, she’s ready for change. Rachel Ray heard her need and invited her into the study to get a makeover that would change the way she looked at herself.

Wendy describes her style as a bohemian. She always shops on clearance or at the thrift store. She is single and does not have any children.

When Rachel Ray revealed Wendy’s new look, and this is what people had to say about it:

“I don’t recognize myself,” Wendy said. “I feel like such a different person.”

People love her new look. But some didn’t think she needed a change.

“She was gorgeous before and didn’t need a makeover. She’s still pretty, but I liked the before better. The good thing is that hair can grow back.”

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