After Town Is Shaken By Crash That Kills Three Family Members, Mom’s Facebook Post Helps To Heal : AWM

After Town Is Shaken By Crash That Kills Three Family Members, Mom’s Facebook Post Helps To Heal

In Sabetha, Kansas, a tragedy shook the community and there were dozens of photos and memorials posted about it. However, one specific post is going viral and once you know why, you will see the importance of her post.

In the last two weeks, Sabetha, Kansas residents have been dealing with the aftermath of a crash that took away the lives of two football player’s sister, mother and uncle. This unfortunate incident happened right after the state championship was won by the team. During a time when celebration should have been the focus, mourning and grief took over.

The Ukele family is currently dealing with the loss of their loved ones and a photo of the family was taken right before this accident happened. The photo features the two boys, their sister, father and mother. These brothers played an integral role in getting their team to the championship game and eventually winning it.

On the way home from the game, the two brothers were on the bus with the team. Their mom, dad, uncle and sister were in a vehicle following the team home when the crash occurred. It was a head-on crash and three of the passengers died while the boy’s dad was badly injured in the accident.

Social media has been serving as a way to remember those that have died, offer support to the dad as he recovers and offer love to the boys and the rest of the family as they cope with the loss.

Fox 4, a local news station, has been covering the unfortunate tragedy and they offered the normal coverage, but they also made a point to say something else. One person who saw some of the coverage on social media by Fox 4 added unique advice to those seeing the posts. Christy Buchholz Deters said that when she saw the photo of the family after the game, all she could think was, “take the picture.”

Many people are not a fan of photos for various reasons. Maybe they feel they do not look their best at the moment or they gained weight. In some cases, an outfit might not match. However, she says that loved ones do not care about how someone looks. She further stated that no one knows when their last day on earth will come and people need photos to remember their friends and family.

Every moment in life should be celebrated. Her words have gone viral and every person who has seen her words agrees. Life is chaotic, incredible and unpredictable. Because of this, it is important to not wait until the perfect moment to take a photo, or do anything, really. People should take photos and cherish those that they love whenever an opportunity presents itself.

The photo of the boys and their family after the game is the last photo like this that will ever be taken. Because of this, they will surely cherish the photo and the memory that goes with it. Hopefully, this shows people that they should take more photos and celebrate their loved ones every day.