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After Waiting In the Emergency Room For Hours, He Decided To Take Action

Many of us have had to wait to see a doctor, even if we have an appointment. A patient in a Florida emergency room became so frustrated with the time he spent waiting to see a doctor that he left the ER and took off in an ambulance. The man, Danny Konieczny, was first taken to the hospital by first responders after a neighbor called 911 to report that Konieczny was drunk and suicidal, Fox 13 News reports.

Sgt. Fred Jones, of the Lake County Sheriffs Office, said, “I’ve been doing this for 21 years in Lake County. I think it’s the first I heard of this.”

According to the arrest affidavit, Konieczny told police that he stole the ambulance because he was frustrated after waiting two hours to see a doctor.

Sgt. Jones noted: “You’re taken to the hospital because you’re drunk and now you’re in the ambulance you’ve just stolen to go back to your house. This could have been bad.”

The distance between the hospital and the man’s home was almost six miles, so indeed, something unfortunate could have unfolded during his travels. Investigators found Konieczny hiding in the trunk of his car, inside his garage. He had parked the stolen ambulance across the street in his neighbor’s driveway, as he believed they had called police on him earlier.

Investigators further noted that Konieczny checked the back of the ambulance before stealing it. The man is currently on probation for a 2017 drunk driving charge.  

Among the comments over the theft on social media, many believed this sort of thing is typical of Florida news, with one person noting: “Florida, the gift that keeps on giving.”

A lively debate erupted on the story on Reddit, with one person wondering how the man could have so easily stolen an ambulance, as they noted: “You know what I want to know? How did a patient in the hospital waiting room manage to steal an ambulance? Sounds like negligence on the part of the hospital.”

Another commenter noted: “When they unload patients they usually are busy doing paper and explaining patient’s case, not worried about someone stealing the ambulance as I’m guessing for most people stealing an ambulance from a hospital is unheard of. It that it never happens I’m just guessing it’s so rare most people haven’t heard of it happening.”

The original commenter added: “Still, you’d think they’d keep it locked and have an alarm on it. I’m not saying it’s likely, I’m just saying that I’m sure it’s pretty preventable.”

One person explained, however: “Why do you think the hospital has anything to do with the ambulance that was stolen? Sounds like you don’t understand how hospitals or EMS work in Florida. This hospital doesn’t run its own ambulance service. Patients in a waiting room are always free to leave if they decide to. What causation do you see here?”

The original commenter responded: “While I didn’t know that the ambulance service is its own thing, my point is that the patient managed to get into the ambulance and steal it. I don’t care that he was able to leave of his own free will; I care that this dude was able to steal a parked ambulance.”