After Watching Her Give This Baby A “Massage” I Felt Sick To My Stomach : AWM

After Watching Her Give This Baby A “Massage” I Felt Sick To My Stomach

When it comes to handling babies, the majority of people are over-the-top gentle with them, afraid of moving them the wrong way and hurting them. Some people are so scared to hold other people’s babies until they are old enough to hold their own head up for fear of making one wrong move. But, every now and then a healer comes in and tries different techniques that they claim to aid in healing.

One woman is the center of much scrutiny after she released a video that shows her swinging and flipping a baby around.

Larissa Orynbasarovna, a 35-year-old masseuse from Almaty in Kazakhstan, is confident that her technique heals babies and she has had proven success working with babies that have disabilities.

“I help children. I’ve worked with so many babies over the years, many with disabilities like neck curl or crooked feet. My massage heals them,” she said.

But not everyone agrees with Larissa’s practice and some are calling it horrifying. In the video below, she can be seen swinging the tiny baby side to side by his legs and at one point she dangles the baby by his neck and swiveling its body in large circles. The baby truly looks like it’s being tossed around like a rag doll in the footage, however; it doesn’t appear to be uncomfortable and remains silent throughout the treatment. Larissa, pulls on his arms and bounces him up and down, then flips him upside down and makes it roll into a somersault while she holds onto his wrists.

The hardest part to see is probably when she holds the baby by its neck and swivels it around. It’s hard for some to see these movements because babies are known as fragile beings who have yet to develop the muscle strength needed to execute these moves. Another thing that is a bit terrifying is that if Larissa slips even slightly and loses her grip, the baby could go flying across the room, and there is no telling what type of injury that could result in.

Larissa appears to be very confident in the video and doesn’t seem to be scared of losing her grip or making the wrong move. The treatments are said to last between ten to fifteen minutes.

While some aren’t on board with this technique, there are parents in Kazakhstan that pay 3000 KZT for the treatments.
Baby massage is not a new technique and its used as a way to relieve colic and promote relaxation in many cultures.

The majority of commenters felt that Larissa’s approach to treatment is wrong…

“You’re not supposed to handle a baby like that. You don’t dangle and toss them around like that. Their bones are still growing and are fragile.”

Some shared their own techniques, that were far less dangerous than Larissa’s treatment…

“Quite cruel to terrify. When my children were babies, we did what we called rotating. Gentle whirls and swirls around in the air with an occasional air cartwheel. Nothing fast, nothing cruel. My girls have had very good balance all their lives and value it.”

“Please tell me that is a rag doll and not a baby!”