Airbnb Guest Notices Motion Detector Looks Out Of Place, Flips It Over; Unravels Sinister Plan : AWM

Airbnb Guest Notices Motion Detector Looks Out Of Place, Flips It Over; Unravels Sinister Plan

An Airbnb host from Florida has just been caught violating guests’ privacy. While an Indiana couple was on vacation in Florida, they discovered that the person they were renting the property from had posted two hidden cameras. And Jason Scott, who is a colleague of the victim, has come forward on their behalf to expose the disgusting habit of the Florida homeowner. He disguised the hidden camera as a burglar alarm motion detector – but the real purpose of the camera was to spy on guests while they were comfortable and in bed.

The guests were horrified to realize that their host had lied to them about the hidden cameras. Although this is a disturbing news story, it is not the first time an Airbnb host has violated the privacy of guests.

Jason Scott was the whistleblower who shared the news that his colleague had found the hidden camera. The homeowner had tried to disguise it as a motion detector, but the houseguest was too smart to fall for the trick.

Scott uploaded images of the spy device. The camera was installed in the bedroom. Not only was the Florida homeowner filming everything that went on in the bedroom, but the camera was also hooked up to the internet, so presumably anyone willing to pay could watch too.

Scott failed to mention which Airbnb property it was. And he did not release the name of the twisted homeowner who installed the camera.

But Airbnb told Buzzfeed that they had taken action and permanently banned the owner from renting on their site.

The Airbnb spokesperson said that violations of privacy like this are “incredibly rare.”

Airbnb has a strict policy about cameras in their rental properties.

“Cameras are never allowed in bathrooms or bedrooms; any other cameras must be properly disclosed to guests ahead of time,” the spokesperson said.

Scott’s Twitter post went viral as thousands of people discovered the treachery going on inside the Airbnb rental. More than 55,000 people retweeted his images.

Scott wrote:

“In ‘oh, that’s a thing now’ news, a colleague of mine thought it odd that there was a single ‘motion detector’ in his Airbnb in the bedroom. Voila, it’s an IP camera connected to the web. (He left at 3 am, reported, the host is suspended, colleague got refund.)”

This headline comes after Wayne Natt, a 56-year-old Airbnb host also living in Florida was arrested and charged with video voyeurism after hidden cameras were discovered at his vacation property.

Indiana couple Derek Starnes and his wife found the pinhole camera disguised inside a smoke alarm. Natt was on the other end watching everything that was going on in the Longboat Key rental.

When they discovered the camera, the couple told the police. Cops busted Natt and seized footage that dates back to 2008. Officers are now processing all of Natt’s footage to see if he had other victims.

Natt and this other Airbnb host have been filming people without their consent. But Natt claims he is not guilty. He says that he only used the cameras to tape the adult parties he would host.

But Starnes was caught walking around the apartment without clothes on and it “distressed” him to know that Natt was watching his movements.