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Al Capone’s Miami Mansion Is For Sale, And The Photos From Inside Are Incredible

If you’ve ever wanted to own an infamous gangster’s mansion, now’s your chance. For the low cost of $13.5 million, you can buy Al Capone’s Miami mansion. And that’s at a drastically reduced price, as it was slashed by more than $1 million. The opulent home sits on a guarded and gated island in Miami, which includes waterfront property and a private beach.

The 30,000 square foot mansion first came on the market in April with an asking price of $15 million, but upon finding no buyer, the price was decreased to $13.5 million.

While it’s unclear if any shady meetings went down in this home, it’s known that Capone died here in 1947, at age 48, following his battles with dementia and syphilis. He suffered a stroke and died in the bedroom.

The mobster bought the Spanish-style compound on Palm Island in 1928 for $40,000, six years after it was built. It includes a four-bedroom 6,000 sq. ft. villa, a two-story pool cabana, and a two-bedroom guest residence that was built as a guardhouse.

The home has a view of the Miami skyline and overlooks Biscayne Bay and features a pristine 30 by 60 foot swimming pool that he believed was the biggest in Miami.

The home notably had a $1.5 million renovation in 2015 and, while it maintains some of its original Art Deco features, it is definitely updated from the look it had during Capone’s ownership.

The home still has the 1920s ceiling lights and a fireplace in the living room, as well as a black and gold Art Deco powder room, however.

While Capone was based in Chicago, he used the Miami mansion for relaxing and throwing parties. It’s said that he was smitten with this location because it reminded him “of the sunny shores of Italy,” though he had never visited the country.

In order to beef up his security, he spent $64,000 to add the guardhouse, gates, searchlights, and a 7 foot high wall.

In 1931, Capone was convicted of tax evasion and served six-and-a-half years of an 11-year sentence.

Real estate agent Nelson Gonzalez, EWM Realty, said of the property, it’s “a rare opportunity to own a piece of American history,” adding, “On Miami Beach, it’s not very often a property with this level of heritage comes up. It’s quite rare.”

He further explained: “This was Capone’s main residence and also the fact that it was built in 1922, makes it one of the oldest houses — if not the oldest house — that I know of in Miami Beach, and I’ve been doing this for 30 years.”

Gonzalez also commented on the luxury residence, noting that “Capone lived large, everything about the property tells you that — from the ceiling height to the size of the pool.”

He continued: “The pool is 60 ft long by 30 ft wide, which is probably the largest swimming pool in all of Miami Beach for a residential home. The property has got some unique aspects about it. First of all, it’s very luscious landscape, but it’s also got a gatehouse and more importantly a poolhouse.”

Among the many people who commented online about the sale of this home were those who noted that while the house is nice, the area is quite crowded.

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