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All His Classmates Watched In Horror When He Laid Down In Front Of The Train

While with a group of his classmates, as many as fifty of them, 14-year-old Sam Connor decided that today was the day that he would die. At around 4 pm in Chertsey, Surrey, in the United Kingdom, the boy lied down on the train tracks and allowed the speeding vehicle to crush his body and kill him instantly. The reason behind Connor’s untimely demise was that he “bullied” constantly by the horrible boys and girls at his school.

Now that Sam Connor’s family has been processing the news and reality that they’ve lost their light, they have come forward to spread more awareness around how dangerous bullying is. Sam had a “sensitive little soul,” and it was crushed by the mean-spirited and cruel people in his school. They didn’t care about him. But they certainly are going to have to take a closer look at the way they treat their peers since the boy lied down on the train tracks and got killed at the scene by a rush-hour train.

Sam Connor died in front of fifty of his classmates. They all described him as a “nice kid with a good sense of humor.” But his bullies drove him into the dirty and made him feel like life was not worth living. That’s why, despite the screams of horror from his classmates, Sam lied down in front of the speeding train and had the vehicle end his life then and there.

Deborah Barrett, the first wife of Sam’s father, James, told Daily Mail: “It’s just so sad. It’s so awful. Isn’t it? My three girls are Sam’s half-sisters. They are all so upset.”

She added, “It’s horrible. You can’t imagine. Can you? I’ve just spoken to my middle one, and she said he just lay down on the tracks. He was a sensitive little soul, a cute little thing who was into gaming. He was funny and sarcastic with a great sense of humor. Although he was shy, we used to be able to make him laugh.”

Losing Sam Connor was a tragedy that the family has not been able to process.

“This is so horrible for the family,” Deborah added. “They loved him. They were all quite close. There were six kids altogether. They are all quite close, the children, and Sam was the youngest. Sophie, my youngest daughter, rang me on Monday and told me what Sam had done, and said he’d been bullied at school. Then why weren’t the school doing anything? It doesn’t bear thinking about. It’s awful.”

While studying at Salesian School, which is a Roman Catholic institution, he was considered “bright and popular.”

One passenger, 28, was on the train as it crushed and killed the teenager.

“The train stopped very suddenly with only one carriage alongside the platform. I thought maybe one of the kids had dropped their phones as they were all looking down at the wheels of the carriage,” the anonymous man said.

What do you think about this tragedy? Should more be done to stop bullying?

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