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All The Kids Were Having Fun At The Concert, Until This Woman Started Ripping All The Beach Balls

You know that fun moment at a live concert when a bunch of beach balls are set out into the crowd and everyone tosses them back and forth? One mom wasn’t feeling the fun at all, attempting to prevent the balls from making their way around by popping them! Talk about a buzz kill. The moment was captured on video, naturally

The event was for kids, no less: a Kidz Bop concert at the Meadow Brook Amphitheatre in Michigan. You can bet a bunch of amped up kids were having the time of their lives with their parents in tow, but there’s no reason to steal everyone’s good time.

The party pooper in question is seen snagging one of the giant beach balls, having a chat with the people in front and behind her, then ripping at the ball until it deflates. What would make someone do that?

Another concert-goer and mom in the crowd, Lexie Landry Stygar, pulled out her cell phone to capture the bizarre moment, explaining that other parents were asking her to stop popping the balls and let the kids had fun.

This bummer mom wasn’t listening, however, and we can only imagine that her young son looking totally glum seated next to her was slowly dying on the inside over his mom’s actions.

Lexie posted the video online to show how others around her were asking the woman to stop, but she continued on her mission to deflate any of the balls she could get her hands on.

Lexie wrote: “My hope is if she’s found that that little boy is able to go to another concert without her and actually have fun!,” adding, “She needs to be banned from any kid’s concert!! She was asked kindly by numerous parents to stop and to please just allow the children to have them and she wouldn’t.”

The YouTube video’s description further explains the scene: “We noticed a woman that at first when a beach ball came her way she would spike it on to the stage and laugh about it, but then the situation escalated. After realizing there were too many balls she decided to stuff each one under her legs, chair, and to the side of her. After she had too many she decided to start ripping holes in them.”

The description continued: “Other parents in the audience noticed this as well and some were even just grabbing them from her so she couldn’t pop them. Parents even confronted her kindly about popping the beach balls and asked her to please stop and as you can see in the video she refused.”

Sadly the outcome was distressing, as the description noted: “The end result stayed the same unfortunately because no one wanted the child she was with to get kicked out along with her and no one wanted to cause a scene also due to not wanting to ruin the fun of their own children there. So many kids were in disbelief like the parents, but we made sure to score as many beach balls as possible so it wouldn’t ruin their time.”

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