When winter is in full swing, it is time to figure out your strategy for clearing away the snow. Unless you’re willing to shell out $100 or so for a person to come and shovel it with their truck, you’ll have to do it yourself. You could give a neighborhood kid thirty or forty bucks to do it, but if you need your driveway clear before you need to leave for the morning, it might be better to rely on yourself.

While you probably have something figured out for your driveway, clearing snow on your roof might be something you haven’t yet considered. But you should. When snow accumulates on the roof, it puts a lot of strain on the home, and that means your roof better be in good condition, or you’re going to be in trouble.

If you’re in a part of the country that gets pummeled with snowfall, your home will probably look like that one in this video. But as the guy indicates in the video, with some creativity, you can avoid this stressor in the first place. That’s why this video has gone viral. It can do wonders to protect your home – and your head from a plopping of snow.

Since as little as six inches of snow can lead to a collapsed roof – especially if it is a dense snowfall – you’d better take notes as you watch this video. It could save you from a world of suffering and inconvenience.

To get this job done, you need some foresight – you can’t do it after the snow has already fallen. And you need to be willing to climb on your roof. So if you can check off those two boxes and have a ladder, a rope, a hammer, and some weatherproof nails, you’re ready to set up your thingamajig to clean your roof in a snap.

In the video, watch as the man accesses the rope. He pulls on it. This helps it scrape away the bottom layer of snow, weakening it so it can just do what it does best – slide right off the roof and onto the ground.

The effect works because the man uses the rope to create an avalanche. Although this snow doesn’t pose the same risk, an avalanche would to a skier, it would still hurt if it fell on your head while in your yard. That’s why this method can be a lifesaver for those living in wintry climes across the States and other parts of the world for that matter.

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“Fantastic idea. Thanks for sharing this.

“This is the safe way to do it, but if you place several ropes on the peak of the roof before snow season, you only need to pull one rope after each storm. Just thinking of a way to keep you off the roof in winter or two long poles to place the ropes from the ground. Still, the rope is a safer way, and I see it even recovered your shovel.”

Watch the video to learn the trick so you can keep your roof snow-free this winter.

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