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All The Neighbors Want This Cat Put Down, But Her Owner Has Come To Her Defense

There is a cat that has earned a reputation few animals can ever hope to achieve. While most critters are widely accepted as being cute and adorable, this kitty has gotten on everyone’s naughty list. After she was identified as causing 60 percent of all cat complaints in her county, she has been dubbed America’s “baddest cat” and has been “unfairly thrown in (kitty) jail and threatened with deportation and euthanasia.”

If you live in King County, Washington, then you’re familiar with Miska. She’s a 10-year-old cat who is responsible for 30 of the county’s 50 cat complaints. Her owner Anna Danieli has vowed to stand by Miska no matter what. And after county officials came to Danieli about Miska’s mischievous behavior, the cat owner claimed that her feline has been unfairly targeted and set as a beacon of hate for the local officials.

Since county officials believed that Miska should be euthanized, her owner has started a lengthy legal battle to fight for her life despite the neighbors urging authorities to put her to sleep forever.

Four prosecutors from Bellevue, Washington are now overseeing the case involving Miska, which is between her owner Danieli and the animal control manager Gene Mueller.

In the case, Danieli claims that Mueller targeted Miska and launched a campaign of hate for the cat after she was found to be responsible for most of the cat-related complaints in the entire county. Danieli claims that Mueller made Miska out to be a “vicious animal at large.”

The facts are a bit different but no less severe. Miska, a tabby cat, has amassed thousands of dollars’ worth of fines across the county. That’s a lot of a small cat.

Miska started getting on neighbor’s nerves back in 2014 when her criminal record began to get lengthy. Back then, she received her first complaint – but it was just getting started.

In 2017, another neighbor filed a complaint against the cat. That was executed by Mueller, and Miska was subsequently locked up for several months as a result. Although it took some time, Miska and Danieli reunited, but they were warned that if the cat continued to act up, she could be deported or put to sleep.

When Anna Danieli heard that, she hired attorney Jon Zimmerman. He filed a lawsuit on behalf of Miska against Regional Animal Services, Mueller, and other county officials – the ones who wanted Miska dead.

According to the lawsuit, Mueller “pursued Miska like no other cat in Bellevue and King County.”

Zimmerman added, “The infractions. They just keep piling up.”

Most would agree that Mueller’s obsession with the cat was a bit odd.

“…Of the approximately 20,000 infractions filed by RASKC over a ten-year period, approximately 50 involved cats, and most of these infractions involved Miska. In pursuit of his desire to separate Miska from Danieli and Miska’s family, Manager Mueller signed an order to have Miska euthanized or deported from King County.”

While Miska can be annoying, neighbors think Mueller went too far, claiming Miska is “friendly.”

What do you think should happen to America’s “baddest cat?”

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