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An Old Lady Was Just Trying To Cross The Street, But The Protesters Screamed In Her Face

Ever since President Trump took office in 2017, the country has been growing more and more agitated. People on the left demand that Trump atones for the things he has allegedly done that go against the law. People on the right demand that the people on the left stop harassing the president. And while American politics might be in utter turmoil right now, one thing is clear – the people are rising up and protesting like they have not done in a decade.

As more and more people take to the streets to express their discontent about the way things are – millions participated in the Women’s March on March 2017 and again in 2018 and March for Our Lives in March 2018, which had more than a million protestors – people recognize that now is a moment of change in American history. People are willing to put their freedom on the line to have their voices heard.

But during a recent protest, a group of protestors blocking the street crossed a line when they harassed an old white-haired woman using a walker. Not only did they prevent the old lady from crossing the street, but they also yelled at her, shouting at her, calling her a Nazi.

Video from the protest shows this moment unfolding. While it is unclear if the old woman was involved in the counter-protest or was simply just trying to get to the other side of the street, the fact that the protestors shouted at her with so much venom is alarming.

When the video was shared on Reddit, dozens of people leaped at the opportunity to lambast the protestors for treating the old woman with a complete lack of respect and dignity.

“Imagine blocking an old woman with a walker from crossing the road and then thinking you’re the good guy.”

Another person wrote, “It’s fun to imagine that old lady as a young girl during WWII. People were super patriotic back then. She probably bought War bonds or did whatever she could, as pretty much everyone did, to stop the spread of Nazi tyranny. Now she’s being called a Nazi by someone that’s never known tyranny in their life.”

One Redditor attacked the protestors as lacking a life.

“They’re people who have no excitement, no purpose in their lives. Somehow they got into this protest movement, and suddenly they felt they were a part of something. And they’ll hang on tooth and nail without thinking for themselves because as an individual they’re weak and afraid and this is the only thing that gives them meaning.”

A self-proclaimed white, middle-aged male said, “Just keep in mind that most of these kids are just larping, trying to fit into that counter culture. Very few, I believe, are dumb enough to believe they are fighting fascism truly. They’re just acting out that script – against anyone, even little old ladies now – to fit in and get laid. And since the mask keeps them from being doxed, they can continue to make fools of themselves in public with little or no real-world consequences.”

What do you think about what you see in the video?

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