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An Orphan With Down Syndrome Was Rejected By 20 Families. Then This Single Dad Stepped In

Every year about 6,000 babies are born with Down syndrome in the United States. While many of these children are born into loving homes, sadly, some of them are not. Although these children cannot control the fact that they were born with the condition, some parents look upon them as a “mistake” and give them up for adoption. One little girl with Down syndrome found herself orphaned and rejected by more than twenty families until one man, a single dad hero, stepped in and changed her life forever.

When Alba was only a few days old, Luca Trapanese met her. Because Alba was up for adoption, Luca knew that she was the one for him. While twenty other families rejected her because she had Down syndrome, he looked beyond the condition and saw God in her heart and knew that she was the perfect little girl to help make his family complete.

Although Luca understood that raising a child with Down syndrome was a challenge, he was willing to do whatever had to be done. He just needed to have Alba by his side as his little daughter.

As a life-long servant of the people, Luca, 42, was ready for the challenge. He began working in social service organizations when he was only fourteen-years-old. He also worked with an organization that supported people with Down syndrome called “A Ruota Libera.”

Because being a dad was Luca’s greatest wish, he knew that he could help make that dream come true with Alba. Not only would he get what he wanted – a daughter – she’d get a father out of the equation. It was a win-win for both of them.

That’s why Luca and his partner Eduardo were ready to adopt. However, when they separated, the possibility of adopting a child was blocked. As a single man, it was going to be hard for Luca to get through the process. But he was up for the challenge.

Besides having all the resources he needed to give a child the best life, Luca had to file a special request to allow him to adopt a child under special conditions. It was a long shot, but he believed God was in his corner.

Italy does not allow gay couples to adopt children. As a gay man, Luca was fighting an up-hill battle in his home country. But he was not willing to give up.

When Alba was abandoned on birth because she had Down syndrome, like a guardian angel, Luca swept into her life. When he held her in his arms, he felt happy and knew that she had to be part of his family.

Alba is now two and loves her daddy with all her heart. She lives a wonderful life with everything she could want. If Luca had given up despite the obstacles, Alba would have suffered.

Luca has turned his story into a book called “Born for You” or “Nata Per Te” in Italian. He hopes his story will inspire other people to open their hearts to the world around them.

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