Angry Mom Hits Her Daughter From 30 Yards Away With A Shoe, And I Can’t Help Being Impressed : AWM

Angry Mom Hits Her Daughter From 30 Yards Away With A Shoe, And I Can’t Help Being Impressed

When a mother and her daughter got into an argument, things quickly got heated. They were getting so bad that someone decided to take out a camera and start filming the dramatic interaction. However, after some time, the teen girl decided to storm off and flee her mother’s wrath. Unfortunately, it did not work out well for her because mom removed her sandal and hurled it at her from 30 yards away with the accuracy of Super Bowl champ Tom Brady.

The video was allegedly filmed somewhere in Mexico and depicts an angry mom pursuing her daughter. Apparently, the girl ran away after getting into the fight with her mom.

In the clip, watch as mom removes her sandal and prepares it for the seemingly impossible throw. She then hurls it in her daughter’s direction, which is at least 30 yards away from her down the street. The sandal flips in the air and hits the girl square in the back between her shoulders.

The throw had the desired effect. It stopped the girl in her tracks.

In the video’s background, a man eggs the angry mom on. He encourages her to hurl the sandal saying, “Go on. Hit her. Hit her!”

Although it seemed impossible, the sandal flew through the air as if it had a homing beacon attached to it. The sandal seemed destined to hit the daughter in the back. Although this is clearly inappropriate behavior, mom still gets kudos points for throwing such an accurate show while in the heat of the moment out on the sunny street.

The clip was initially shared on Twitter where it quickly amassed 1.3 million views and was liked some 60,000 times.

When viewers started making the video a viral sensation, it quickly came to attention that the woman is a master of the “art” of “Chanclazo Volador,” which translates into English as flying flip flop. This is a reported popular way for Mexican moms to punish their misbehaving daughters and sons.

“That flip flop has a heat-seeking radar for sure,” one Twitter user wrote.

Another shared, “All my respect and admiration to that lady! That would be an Olympic sport!”

Viewers on Daily Mail where the video was picked up also had a lot to say about mom’s accurate sandal throwing.

“Absolutely brilliant, just before she throws it, she shakes it slightly to judge the weight and then launches it perfectly.”

“Good mum. My 5.1″ mum became famous in the family for sprinting after my 6.3″ brother and felling him with a rugby tackle and sitting on him until he apologized. Poor lad couldn’t stop laughing but gained a new respect for her.”

Another person wrote, “The humble flip-flop (or jandal, as we call them) is such a well utilized disciplinary object in NZ, that the term “can’t handle the jandal” has sprung up to describe wimpish characteristics. When I first glanced at this headline, I just assumed it was in NZ!”

Do you have any flip-flop throwing stories? Or something that is somewhat similar to it?

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