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Angry Mom Wants Disney World To Ban Childless Couples

If you ever went to Disney World without children, one angry mom has some hateful words for you. In a Facebook post that has since gone viral, the hateful mother lashed out at “childless couples” who travel to Disney World and has asked the “Happiest Place on Earth” to ban these people for the theme park. She unloaded all her hate at these couples via her Facebook post, which has sparked a lot of controversy, and as of yet, no action from Disney.

Regardless if Disney gets involved in the debate or not, people are now arguing about whether childless people should be allowed in Disney World theme park. Some people think yes because everyone should be able to enjoy the attraction. Others think no and argue that these people clog the parks and make lines too long.

Twitter user JenKatWrites shared a redacted screen capture of the viral Facebook post and got the debate riling.

This is what the hateful mom wrote on Facebook:

“It pisses me off to no end when I see childless couples at Disney World! DW is a family amusement park. Yet these immature millennials throw away their money on useless crap! They have no idea the joy and happiness it is to mothers who buy their babies treats and toys! They will never experience the exhaustion that it is to chase a 3-year-old around and to get stares at assuming I’m a bad mother. This c*nt in some very slutty shorts was buying a Mickey pretzel, and Aiden wanted one, but the line was very long, so I said later, and it broke the poor little heart, and he cried. I wanted to take the f***ing pretzel from that tramp. Like thanks b*tch. You made my son cry! DW is for children. People without children need to be banned! Mothers with children should be allowed to skip all the lines. You have no f***ing idea what it’s like to have to stand in line for 3 hours with a cranky, tired, exhausted toddler! And I can’t just tell him that we can’t do something because it’s his vacation too. I f***ing hate childless women with a burning passion!”

Whether or not this mother meant every word she said or was just ranting (because having a toddler in Disney World is a horrible experience), her remarks certainly caught the attention of a lot of people.

Many people poked a lot of holes in her plan.

Anne Wheaton wrote, “Ban everyone except mothers with children, and then make it a rule that all mothers with children get to skip the line? Solid plan, lady.”

The original twitter poster added, “One last thought, I’m sure Disney is really invested in getting rid of childless adults at the parks. That’s why they have so many golf courses, honeymoon-oriented resorts, bars, and upscale restaurants.”

Not long after Johnny Oleksinksi wrote an op-ed for the New York Times that said:

“Millennials are indeed in an unhealthy relationship with Disney, having granted control of so much of their leisure time and personality to a single, enormous corporate entity meant for children. Want to see a movie? Let’s go to the remake of 1994’s “The Lion King” of 1992’s “Aladdin.”

Oleksinksi challenged these Disney-loving Millennials to grow up.

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