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Apparently, “Hobosexual” Is A New Trend That You Have To Watch Out For

One homeless man sought only one thing in his prospective lover – that she has a house where he could crash. While on a fishing trip, the homeless bum named Elliott met 38-year-old Jackie Cameron. When he got her talking about how comfortable her home was, Elliott knew that she was the one he wanted to go after. But when Cameron realized that all Elliott was nothing but a “hobosexual” and wanted to use her because she had a home, she decided to dump him – but that was when he turned around and called HER a gold digger.

The bum tried to set up a date with Cameron so he could have a place to spend the night, but she was not interested in his plot. When she turned down his poor offer, he accused her of being “gimme gimme” although that was exactly what he was trying to do.

Cameron met Elliott during a fishing trip and thought he was something special. The pair texted for a few days, and that’s when Elliott made a move – to move into Cameron’s home and live there rent-free because he was homeless and destitute.

Elliott tried to be smooth about his plot to live off of her, suggesting that he would come over and cook her dinner with the food she’d already purchased. She said that she already had plans on the evening that Elliott wanted to stay over. That’s when he told her the truth – he needed a place to stay the night.

When Elliott told Cameron that he didn’t have any prospects in life – no house, no job – she told him truthfully that she didn’t want to be with him because she was trying to have a serious relationship.

“I mean, you don’t have anywhere to live and no job. I’m not trying to be a b**** I’m just saying you’re not really in a place to pursue a relationship, which is what I’m looking for.”

Elliott replied, “You have to have a house and a job to have a relationship? I guess I thought maybe you liked me for me not for what I could provide you… such is women. Gimme gimme.”

Because Cameron met Elliott on a 12-hour deep-sea fishing tour with a ticket price of $150, she assumed he was rich. They exchanged numbers and texted for days. When he invited himself over her house, she thought he was joking. It was such a “bum” move.

When she realized that Elliott was homeless, she told him that she was not in a place to “take care of him.”

He told her that he was the “stay-at-home dad type.” That’s when she blocked him.

“He was really nice, and he was very charming on the boat. He was very sweet about everything and very well-mannered and (well) spoken. He wasn’t pushy or aggressive, but he was around,” she said.

When Cameron realized that Elliott was a user, she put her foot down and refused to let him leech off of her.

What do you think about this “hobosexual?”

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