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Apparently, This Is What Happens When You Give A Dog Anesthetic

When a dog named Scout was given a ton of drugs, his owners decided to film him as he was high as a kite. Because the dog, which was doped up on anesthetic, was “having the time of his life,” they filmed him howling like a drunkard as he sits on the trunk of his owner’s car in Wenatchee, Washington on October 11, 2019.

Scout, who is a golden retriever, was doped up with anesthetic because he had developed a hematoma. He had scratched the thing so much following an ear infection that he started bleeding and needed help from the medics.

Because the dog needed surgery, he had to get doped up on anesthetic. He was supposed to go into surgery and have the collection of clotted blood removed from his blood vessel walls. The surgery was not such a big deal as it should be able to be fixed rather quickly. However, he needed it if he was to keep being an adorable dog like he always was.

The dog, who was known for being “big and independent,” had scratched way too much follow a combined ear infection and pet allergies. He was just very uncomfortable and had to scratch, scratch, scratch.

Because Scout was a big dog – he is said to be six-feet long and weigh 150 pounds, he needed a massive dose of anesthetic in order to be put under for the necessary surgery. This high dosage meant that he was feeling very “nice” following the procedure.

Images of Scout show that he is completely out of it following the procedure. Because he was doped up on so many drugs, he was high as a kite when he finally came to and was ready to go back home, singing all the way.

In the video, you can hear Scout howling from his comfortable seat in the back of his owner’s car. The man behind the camera, who is believed to be the owner, brings the camera closer as Scout continued to make noise. The dog yelps at the camera, making high noises that cause the man behind the camera to laugh. Scout doesn’t usually sound so silly.

However, Scout adjusts the way he sings. His voice gets lower, and he slows down the speed of his calls, making them more mournful in their sound.

Then when the camera gets closer to his face, he lets out a deep growl. The man behind the camera knows exactly what is going on, but he doesn’t know if Scout gets it. That’s why she asks:

“Are you drunk?” and then, “Not looking so good?”

Usually, Scout “loves to romp and frolic” when he goes out in the woods, and when he is with other people, he is “normally a very vocal dog, always talking and grumbling to people.”

Fortunately, the surgery worked, and Scout is on the path to healing. He is expected to make a full recovery, and his doped up state was only temporary. Good thing his owner caught the embarrassing moment on camera and shared it with the world.

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