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Apparently, You Can Buy A 7-Pound Tub Of Nutella For $22, But You Have To Know Where To Go

Are you obsessed with Nutella? Then you’ve come to the right place. Although the chocolate-hazelnut spread has become exceedingly popular in the United States in recent years, it was a hit across the pond in Europe for decades. But now resident in the United States have the privilege to buy a seven-pound tub of Nutella for an extremely low price – they just have to know which store is selling it.

It’s Costco. The wholesaler has achieved a lot of success in recent years – as their stock price shows. Not only are investors buying ownership in Costco, but shoppers are also flocking to the popular destination for their huge assortment of bulk goods available at great prices. Shoppers know Costco for $1.50 hotdogs and bulk packs of diapers and Kirkland vitamins, but now they are also sharing the good news about the store’s availability of bulk food service size Nutella.

The massive tub of Nutella tops the scales at 6.6 pounds, which is a lot of servings for you to enjoy. Unless you operate a restaurant, you’re not going to want to pick this tub of Nutella up unless you really love your Nutella.

The average jar of Nutella is thirteen ounces. That one comes with about ten servings of the delectable spread per jar.

The food service size tub of Nutella is so much bigger it comes with more than eight times as many servings. That’s right. With the nearly seven-pound tub of Nutella, you can get 81 servings out of it.

Although this large tub of Nutella costs about $22, which is a lot more than the $4 average for the small size, you’ll save about a third of your money over the long term if you buy in bulk. If you’re running out of Nutella every week or so, this bulk size can turn your investment of Nutella from about $32 to only $22 for the same amount. That’s a savings of more than thirty-two percent. That’s a great amount of money if your family truly loves the European delight.

One of the greatest things about Costco’s offering for the large portion of Nutella is that you don’t even have to go to their store to get it. You can buy it in their online marketplace and have it shipped to your home. You just have to fork over three dollars for shipping, and it’ll be at your door in as little as two days.

Want to know more about the history of Nutella? Here you go.

The hazelnut spread started when pastry maker Pietro Ferrero combined a sweet paste of hazelnuts and sugar and just a bit of cocoa, which was very rare in post-World War II Italy. Ferrero turned the paste into a loaf, which was to be sliced and put onto bread. Eventually, he turned the loaf form into a paste that was easily spread onto bread. This was the birth of SuperCrema, the precursor to Nutella, which first came into being in 1964 when Pietro Ferrero’s son Michele tweaked the recipe.

Would you ever buy this massive tub of Nutella for your household?

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