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Applebee’s Bartender Exposes How They Make Their Drinks And You May Never Order One Again

Applebee’s is a fine place to spend a night, but you don’t go there expecting a five-star meal and a cocktail from the heavens. It’s inexpensive, filling and has a fun atmosphere. That is enough for a good night out, especially for those with kids and other more important expenses than entertainment. Recently they revealed that for a month they would be serving $1 margaritas in the name of “customer appreciation.”

New customers flocked to the establishments thousands of locations, excited to try their new cheap margaritas. While plenty of them knew exactly what they were getting into with such an inexpensive cocktail, others inexplicably decided to spread all of their complaints across the internet.

Even if you and your friends hadn’t been to Applebee’s in years, chances are many took the opportunity to return for these bottom-dollar drinks. But now a vengeful Applebee’s bartender has decided to spread the knowledge of how this magical concoction is made so cheaply – and it isn’t pretty.

Margaritas can be made in hundreds of different ways, from the traditional natural technique with fresh lime juice and rock salt to basic margarita mix and some cheap tequila. As you can guess, Applebee’s regular margarita is more towards the latter. Their $1 margarita takes cheap drinking to a whole new level though.

The bartender posted a video of the recipe to Facebook recently, where it quickly racked up over 15 million views. He proceeds to reveal the “secret recipe” and insult anyone who would enjoy such a disgusting drink.

“If the dollarita is your life, you are an animal who can’t taste things,” he wrote in the caption of the video. “My life for the month of October is strictly making dollarita backups and pouring dollaritas.”

Clearly he has had enough of the corporate promotion, so he filmed exactly how he makes the dollaritas every day. They start with a large bucket and an entire bottle of the worst tequila you could imagine. This is the bottom shelf swill that college kids chug to get rowdy, not typically intended for a restaurant cocktail. But again, for $1 what do customers expect?

In addition to the one part tequila, they add three parts tap water, then one part margarita mix. While there is nothing wrong with tap water, once again you expect a bit more when purchasing a cocktail out – at least a cocktail that doesn’t cost $1.

Plenty of customers are happy with their drinks though, knowing that soon they won’t be able to get sloshed for less than the cost of an average hamburger. Going in and expecting a quality drink is the first mistake of many you’ll likely make on a night of binge drinking $1 margaritas, so tread carefully.

Applebee’s released a press release celebrating their successful promotion.

“Our $1 margaritas in October give us a chance to show our guests a little love, giving them a totally unbeatable offer as a gesture of our sincere appreciation for their patronage.”

Will you be slurping down a $1 margarita next October? Share in the comments!