Army Veteran Starts To Fall Asleep On An Airplane When She Feels Hands Grabbing Her From Behind : AWM

Army Veteran Starts To Fall Asleep On An Airplane When She Feels Hands Grabbing Her From Behind

Flying in an airplane can be a stressful experience. Not only are you tens of thousands of feet above the surface of the Earth, but you also need to share tight quarters with a bunch of strangers. This can be a very uncomfortable experience, especially when you hear people snorting and coughing and making other disgusting noises all around you. Sometimes fellow passengers have been known to remove their shoes and socks, releasing the grotesque smell of foot odor into the room.

Although fellow passengers might be a bit gross, they’re usually not much worse than that. People could be agitated or a bit rude, but usually, that’s the extent of problems. However, sometimes criminals or sexual predators get on board planes and start harassing fellow passengers who have nowhere to go.

Army veteran Lena Ramsey understands how dangerous it can be on a plane. She had boarded a red-eye flight from Denver to Providence, Rhode Island. As she was stepping onto the plane in Colorado, she got a very bad feeling. Something was wrong, but she didn’t know what.

After the plane took off without a hitch, Lena did what most of the other passengers did on a red-eye flight. She covered her eyes and started to drift off to sleep. But then she noticed something bizarre. She felt hands groping her from behind.

“And it dawned on me that I had hands coming through my window seat, on my right side,” the army veteran said. “The passenger behind me was groping me.”

This sexual misconduct snapped Lena out of her slumber.

“The passenger behind me was groping me in my breast area. I immediately sat up. The passenger that was in the aisle seat next to me was sleeping, and I startled him awake.”

Instead of doing nothing, she immediately reported the illegal act to the flight attendant. But the flight attendant did not seem to do anything with the information.

“She could tell that I was visibly shaken because her immediate question to me was ‘are you OK?’ And I said no I’m not, I have a passenger behind me that has his hands on my breasts.”

That’s when Lena decided to take matters into her own hands.

When the plane landed, Lena asked the pilot to call the Transportation Security Administration because she had been assaulted on the plane.

“I notified the pilot immediately. There was a pilot and a co-pilot. The pilot was a female. The co-pilot was a male and they both heard what I had to say, and immediately I think they saw I was in distress.”

TSA took Lena’s complaint seriously. She was questioned by the FBI who promised to investigate her allegations. But she has not heard if they’ve been able to track down the man who groped her during the late-night flight.

The flight where Lena was attacked was operated by Frontier. Lena Ramsey is awaiting justice for what happened to her in the middle of the flight. As a veteran of the Army, she expected the flight attendant and the FBI to care about her. But she is not sure what is going on or if the criminal in her case is being actively pursued.

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