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As Soon As He Heard This Dog Bark At The Shelter, He Had To Take Him Home

Sometimes, all it takes to change your life is one chance encounter. For one model named Drew, his chance came when he was asked to appear on the cover of a magazine put out by Animal Rescue Central Coast. This led the Australian to meet Dennis, a pit bull that would also be featured in the magazine. Dennis and Drew hit it off right off the bat.

When Drew went to the shelter for a meeting, he decided that perhaps he would adopt a dog. The first dog he tried to adopt was already adopted, but Dennis ran up and immediately got his attention.

Dennis isn’t just any dog, he’s rather special. The beautiful pit bull does one thing that most dogs don’t do – he talks!

It’s more of a cry or a groan, but one thing is clear in the heartwarming video below: this dog is attempting to communicate as effectively as he can. Unfortunately, dogs aren’t really born with the capabilities of true speech.

“I was like, “What is this dog? He’s so odd, I’ve got to take him out,” Drew told The Dodo. “If you look at him and if you look into his eyes, you can see he’s trying to communicate.”

Drew decided he wanted to take Dennis home instead, but he was heartbroken when they told him Dennis had already been adopted as well.

He asked if he could take Dennis home for just 2 weeks to foster him before the original owners took the sweet little pup home with them. The shelter warned him that he would get attached and that it was a bad idea, but Drew was absolutely convinced.

“She warned me, she was like, ‘You’re going to get attached!’ I said listen it’s not about me, it’s about him. I can’t put him back in that cage. Let me give him two weeks of freedom and then I’ll give him back to his owners.”

As it turned out, it was all meant to happen exactly as it did. Once those two weeks were up, Drew told the shelter that he was far too attached to give up the dog. At that point, he had also posted several videos and pictures of him and Dennis on his popular social media accounts.

The new owners saw a few of these posts and realized immediately the bond that this man and dog had already developed. In just two weeks, the had already become inseparable! They decided to allow Drew to keep the puppy and chose a new dog to rescue themselves.

Drew and Dennis have set off on many adventures ever since, keeping the world updated through a popular Instagram account. Drew shares awesome pictures and videos of Dennis almost every day so if you want more of this dynamic duo, check it out!

Dennis has played a huge role in improving Drew’s life, and he repays the pup with all the love he could ever want. They truly are a perfect pair, another amazing example of man’s best friend at work!

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