As Soon As She Posted Her Family’s Christmas Card Online, It Instantly Went Viral : AWM

As Soon As She Posted Her Family’s Christmas Card Online, It Instantly Went Viral

While Christmas is supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year, not everyone gets super excited about all the holiday traditions. One of those traditions is that daily trip to the mailbox to open up all of the Christmas cards from friends and family members you haven’t seen in years. It offers a chance for people to share their most recent news including engagements, growing families, and exciting travel that was done the year prior. If you’ve ever received a “Christmas letter,” then you’ve witnessed firsthand what it’s like to be on the receiving end of some major bragging. These letters, which can be quite long, sum up the entire family’s previous year, but it fails to mention the not-so-good news, like maybe little Johnny didn’t actually make the track team, or Sally didn’t get straight A’s. It’s one giant newsletter that’s not so welcoming if you, yourself don’t have a lot of news to share.

It’s great to get these updates, but the downside is that not everyone has newsworthy info to share and it kind of makes that daily trip to the mailbox to receive everyone else’s news, a bit dreadful. And let’s be honest, some of these Christmas cards can come off a bit smug, as people have a tendency to get really showy about how “perfect” their family is.

Unlike her siblings, Emily Seawright didn’t have a whole lot of breaking news to share this year, but she ended up being the highlight of her family Christmas card. Alongside a sibling who was proudly showing her baby bump with her husband and another sibling who was holding a sign that boasted her recent engagement, Emily decided to tell it like it is…and held a sign that read “Egg McMuffin,” as she proudly ate an Egg McMuffin. The lineup went like this: Excited, Engaged, Expecting, Egg McMuffin.

And while this message was a bit silly, it made a lot of people out there feel better about their “situation,” as there are a lot of singles who are just like Emily. Surely, we’ve all been in the same place in life as Emily is now and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. Just because you don’t have news to share doesn’t mean that you aren’t worthy of being on a Christmas card.

Emily received a lot of attention when she posted her family Christmas card online. Several cheered her on, letting her know that she was an inspiration for her bold move.

Who knows…maybe Emily’s family Christmas card will be the next big thing and people will start being honest about what is really going on in their families. She may have started the future of the Christmas cards. Because, let’s be honest…it’s not all perfect like we sometimes look on those cards with winter wonderland backgrounds and everyone, even the dog, smiling. Maybe it’s time to shine some light on the chaos on in our lives…like the constant messy house, the forgotten bills piled up on the table, or the arguments that inevitably happen between parent and teenager.