As Soon As She Posted Photo To Facebook, She Started Getting Urgent Messages From Strangers : AWM

As Soon As She Posted Photo To Facebook, She Started Getting Urgent Messages From Strangers

When mom brought her toddler son into Costco for a grocery run before the holidays, she never expected to expose a major flaw in the fabric of space-time. But as she was pushing her baby through the concrete aisles of the wholesaler, she saw something that made her stop in place. And her jaw dropped to the floor. Thankfully mom noticed what was happening. And before she missed the opportunity, she took out her camera and snapped an image of what she was seeing.

The incident has since gone viral as people believe it finally proves that time travel is real. Or could it have just been a big coincidence? But if that’s the case, the conspiracy theorists think that it was all a big cover up.

Scroll down to see what mom saw at Costco that proved time travel was real…

With her son in the push cart, he looks bored with his lime green polo shirt and his plaid green shorts. In the distance sitting on the bench mom noticed something very much like her boy.

Take a look at the gentleman sitting on the red bench. He is wearing the exact same outfit as the blonde toddler. Mom couldn’t believe her eyes!

While the older gentleman has upgraded his shoes, everything else is exactly the same. Could this man have traveled back in time to get another look at his childhood – or is it just a major coincidence.

The parent didn’t want to admit it was time travel. But she logged onto Reddit and posted the image under the anonymous handle A-OBCD8663 with the caption, “I guess I know what my son will look like in 70 years.”

More than 38,000 people liked the image and hundreds have shared funny comments, including:

“At first I thought it was because of his facial expression… It took me a while to realize there’s an old man in the picture”


“You are assuming that old guy is just a random old guy. And not your own son who has traveled back thru time to see his parents for one last time before the night vampires consume all of mankind.”

Surprise twist… that is your son. He time traveled to the day before your death [to save you]…

“He did it so he could save you! That’s why you’re still alive. Your son protects you from enemy time travelers, because he is the chosen one and will only be able to save the world if the timeline stays the same. If you die before then, everything changes. So he watches from afar. Guiding you. Protecting you.”

“There may be a hole in the space-time continuum here. I’d be on the lookout for Deloreans, wild-eyed scientists and any sports almanacs from the future.”

“Still sitting in lost and found, waiting for his parents to pick him up. But of course they never do.”

What is your reaction to this image? Could the old man really have traveled back in time to see his mother? Or is it just a coincidence?

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