As Soon As She Uploaded These Pictures, Police Had What They Needed To Arrest Them Both : AWM

As Soon As She Uploaded These Pictures, Police Had What They Needed To Arrest Them Both

Because her boyfriend kept giving her money, she turned to social media to brag and flaunt her “Kim Kardashian lifestyle” to her followers. But police quickly caught onto 22-year-old Emily Lock. She earned only about $18,000 as a part-time cashier at a grocery store. But despite her low-paying job, she managed to accumulate expensive designer clothes, perfumes and go on lavish, envy-inducing vacations. Police started asking the obvious question: How?

Because her boyfriend was a high-powered cocaine dealer, 27-year-old Mark Price. And he always had too much cash. Together they boasted on Instagram about their ability to spends hundreds of thousands of dollars are luxury goods and spectacular vacations.

Despite his claim to be a struggling construction worker, Price drove an Audi RS4 and purchased his girlfriend Gucci sunglasses, Christian Dior perfume, Christian Louboutin shoes and other high-class goods. No “struggling” blue collar worker could purchase the very same items that Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner flaunt on their Instagram accounts.

Prosecutors Roger Griffiths knew the social media activity was suspicious. The “low-income” couple went on vacation to Dubai, Paris, Alicante, and Amsterdam. Plus, they had a vacation booked to Thailand.

The police raided Price’s home back in September 2017. And while there they found a bag filled with cocaine that was 83 percent pure, making it worth a lot on the street.

With that evidence in their position, police seized Price’s phone. And they found messages to co-defendant Kyle Crowley boasting about how he made about $2,000 each week selling cocaine.

Price has since admitted that he possessed cocaine with the intention to sell. When police searched Lock’s home, they found it loaded with high-end designer possessions. Prosecutors estimate the goods to be worth about $70,000. Belongings belonged to both her and her boyfriend.

Griffiths was disturbed when he learned that the couple was using the cocaine money to travel the world while other people who are truly low-income are struggling to get by doing honest labor.

And because Lock worked at a supermarket, the court learned how her “inconsistent” spending habits did not match what she was genuinely earning at her supermarket job.

The incriminating evidence was all over her Instagram page. It “portrayed an extravagant lifestyle.”

When police interviewed her, she remained loyal to her boyfriend. She denied knowing that he sold cocaine and pretended that he was indeed a poor, underemployed construction worker.

But Lock admitted that the criminal property was hers.

Jeffrey Jones is the attorney hired to defend the cocaine dealer. He admitted that Price was immature and that “He has made a significant mistake.”

And because of his cocaine dealings, Judge Crowther locked Price up for seven years.

Allegedly Lock was just 19 when the incident occurred, and Price was her “first boyfriend” and significantly older than her.

Lock’s lawyer, Andrew Taylor, pointed to her superior grades in school. And he also spoke about how she was pursuing a degree in law and criminology.

She admitted that “many young people today are fixated by a Kim Kardashian type of lifestyle.”

She did it for the handbags and luxury perfume.